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Xenoforms II (Hosted)

Dark.Matter d20 Character Sheet (Hosted)

Future Gear
Space Opera Occupations

Base Attack Bonus
Lunik 20 Fragment
Alternity CoC

Weapon Familiarity
Marks of Contact
Dun M÷ch Mastery
Lightsaber Special Abilities
Ryyk Blades

Weapons of the Young Kingdoms
Chaos Knight

Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2

d20 Modern

So far includes a description of Greys as portrayed in the "Conspiracy X" game.

Xenoforms II is a collection of creatures designed for the Dark•Matter game, edited and adapted to d20 Modern by Jerel R. Hass. This is a 1.83MB ZIPped PDF document.

Dark.Matter d20 Character Sheet hosted on behalf of Michael Dolan. This is a 904KB ZIPped PDF document.

d20 Future

Gear and Occupations for science fiction gaming.

d20 Call of Cthulhu

Contains rules suggestions for Base Attack Bonus progression, and the Lunik 20 Fragment.

Or go to Alternity Call of Cthulhu.

Star Wars

My d20 Star Wars pages contain suggested rules for weapon familiarity and weapon choice for the different species of the galaxy, the Craft (blueprints) skill, a new Force technique, Vigil, the different lightsaber marks of contact, the Sith technique of Dun Möch Mastery, constructing lightsabers with special abilities and Wookiee ryyk blades, amending the Arms and Equipment Guide statistics.

Dragon Lords of MelnibonÚ

I present a few hopefully useful additions, beginning with notes on weapons and the Chaos Knight prestige class.

I've included several feats inspired by Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 , loosely defined under the d20 Star Wars rules.