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Ryyk Blades

Two ryyk blades, used by the Wookiees, are illustrated in the Arms and Equipment Guide. The grip is different for each clan, but essentially, I see a curved slashing/chopping weapon about 0.6m long. It's described as a long machete. Another way to describe it would be a short scimitar.

In D&D, a scimitar has 1d6 damage, but has a larger threat range than a longsword, especially because its basic principle is lopping bits off its target. However, critical hits are a very big deal in d20 Star Wars. Expanded threat ranges tend to be restricted to high-powered classes of weapons such as rifles, lightsabers, and the molecular stiletto. From looking at the vibrorapier, it looks like an 18-20 threat range in D&D should convert to a 20 threat range and +1 damage in Star Wars. This would give the ryyk blade base damage of 1d6+1 and critical threat of 20.

Weight looks OK. It might just sneak in as a Small weapon, but I'm going to say that it's Medium, I'll explain that in a minute. There's no indication of unusually fine craftsmanship. Its base cost should be 150 and WP should be 2.

Ryyk Blade
Weapon Type: Melee weapon
Proficiency Group: Exotic Weapon (ryyk blade), see below
Damage: 1d6+1
Critical: 20
Type: Slashing
Size: Medium
Weight: 1.5kg
Hardness: 10
WP: 2
Break DC: 15
Availability: Specialised
Cost: 150
Era: All until destruction of Kashyyk

The ryyk blade is a brushcutter that has been adapted to work with a specialised fighting style based on the Wookiee body shape and musculature. Anyone can wield it as a Medium-sized simple improvised weapon (-4 To Hit), which is essentially the same as treating it as an exotic weapon. A Wookiee does not treat a ryyk blade as an improvised weapon and can wield it as a one-handed weapon without penalty. For a combatant who has the Exotic Weapon (ryyk blade) feat, it is not an improvised weapon and counts as a light weapon.