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Feats from Kill Bill Vol. 2

It's not over yet!

Snake Charmer
You are fond of dangerous reptiles and other deadly poisonous creatures.
Benefit: You may influence the behaviour of a creature with a poison attack by making a Handle Animal check at DC 25. If you succeed, the creature performs two tricks in succession - either stay or seek, followed by attack. This sequence may take the creature up to a day to complete. You can use this ability on vermin with the same DC.
Normal: You can make a check against DC 25 to push an animal to perform one trick immediately. Vermin cannot learn tricks and impose a +10 to the DC of mind-affecting abilities.

Taking Notes
You spend days thinking of the perfect way to gloat over your helpless enemies.
Benefit: Declare the use of this feat at least a day before attacking your enemy. Once prepared, as a full-round action, you can make mocking and demoralising remarks, causing your enemy to suffer a -4 morale penalty on any Fortitude save that he must make in the next round.

Improved Bushwhack
You are skilled in taking in your captives alive.
Benefit: The DC of your stun attacks increases by 2.

Improved Drag
You move prisoners around without trouble.
Benefit: You may drag a helpless creature at a rate of 4m.
Normal: If carrying or dragging more than your maximum load you move at 2m.

You hate to be interrupted when making a profound point.
Benefit: If you are speaking, an enemy acts to initiate combat, and you are not surprised, you gain a +4 bonus to initiative on the first round.

Roll Credits:

The Bride: Jedi Guardian 12 / Force Warrior 3
Vernita Green: Soldier 10 / Dark Side Marauder 2
O-Ren Ishii: Jedi Consular 12 / Crime Lord 5
Johnny Mo: Jedi Guardian 7 / Jedi Weapon Master 3
Go-Go Yubari: Jedi Guardian 6 / Jedi Weapon Master 4 / Bounty Hunter 2
Sofie Fatale: Noble 6 / Dark Side Devotee 4 (I mean, seriously, talking on a cellphone at a wedding?)
Budd: Fringer 8 / Bounty Hunter 2 / Dark Side Marauder 2
Ernie: Expert 4 / Dark Side Devotee 1
Elle Driver: Scoundrel 6 / Dark Side Marauder 2 / Force Warrior 1 / Bounty Hunter 4
Hattori Hanzo: Jedi Consular 5 / Expert 5 / Jedi Artisan 5
Pai Mei: Force Adept 2 / Noble 3 / Force Warrior 5 / Martial Arts Master 10
Bill: Scoundrel 3 / Jedi Consular 9 / Force Warrior 2 / Jedi Master 1 / Jedi Instructor 3