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Force Technique: Vigil

A Force user with the Sense feat may extend her awareness to another place to guard against danger. The Force user can sense the presence of a creature that is preparing to attack the Force user or her allies, the sudden appearance of a hazard, or some other dangerous circumstance that would normally initiate combat conditions if the Force user was present at that point. She may select any point within 100m per Force user level for the focus of her vigil.
Establishing a vigil takes one minute of quiet meditation. The Force user may maintain her vigil for as long as she wishes.
While her vigil continues, the Force-user may make simple actions such as moving about, speaking briefly, or eating a meal. If she decides to make any skill check, succeeds in a passive skill check required by the GM, engages in combat, suffers an attack that requires a saving throw, or goes to sleep, the vigil ends. The Force user is considered to be resting during this time.
When danger approaches within view or earshot of the point of focus, the Force user makes a Wisdom check against DC 20. If she succeeds, she detects the danger and may act immediately.
Otherwise, she is either surprised or unaware of the danger, exactly as if the Force user was at that location and failed a Spot or Listen check. If the danger is easily perceived from the point of focus without making a Spot or Listen check, the danger may act normally for one attack action before the Force user can respond. If the danger is difficult to see and hear, or is actively trying to Hide or Move Silently, then the Force user does not notice it.
When the Force user either detects danger or ends her vigil in one of the ways listed above, she loses 2 VP.