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The Lunik 20 Fragment

A triangular broken piece of a flat polished slab of Pre-Cambrian gneiss, carved with uncouth curving glyphs and representations of strange forms of life, possibly part of a floor tile. It was found at the bottom of a core sample taken by a Soviet space probe from the Apollonius Highlands of the Moon. Through complex alchemical formulae and peculiar sub-atomic manipulations, a Soviet research institute restored its hyper-geometric connection to the unthinkably ancient and misplaced ruin from which it came, to sunken R'lyeh, and to certain ruins in the far eastern Plateau of Tsang.

The Fragment is clamped within an odd instrument like a large binocular microscope. Looking through the eyepiece, the spatial distortion around the Fragment allows the viewer to see into certain distant places. Most of the time, the scope reveals a vista of dusty or undersea broken walls, with a few amorphous and mostly obscured symbols. A successful Search check (DC 25) followed by a Cthulhu Mythos (DC 20) or Language (R'lyehian) (DC 15) check allows the viewer to transcribe a short but significant phrase, increasing his Cthulhu Mythos by 1 rank.

If the viewer bends his will to see more important scenes, he may make a Concentration check (DC 25) followed by a Cthulhu Mythos check (DC 25). If both rolls succeed, the resulting view is determined by the viewer's Concentration result:

  • up to 29: the exterior of the House of Cthulhu (SAN loss 1/1d10)
  • 30-34: Cthulhu within his House (SAN loss 1d10/1d%)
  • 35-39: the black lunar Abyss of Nug-Yaa in which Mnomquah dwells (SAN loss 1d2/2d8)
  • 40+: the court of Azathoth (SAN loss 1d10/1d%)

Looking through the scope long enough to gain these benefits causes unusual eye strain. The viewer must make a Fort save (DC 12, or 18 for a significant view). On success, he suffers a -2 to all Spot, Search and ranged attack rolls for 24 hours. On failure, he is blinded for the next 24 hours, then must make another Fort save to avoid permanent blindness.