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Feats from Kill Bill Vol. 1

Reverse Strike
You are trained to strike at an opponent standing behind you using a reverse grip on a sword, reverse kick, or similar technique.
Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes
Benefit: As part of a full attack action, you may make an extra attack against an opponent who flanks you.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Vibro-Chain-Ball) (alternatively known as What The Frell Is That? )
You can use the vibro-chain-ball either as a reach weapon or a double weapon.
If used as a reach weapon, you can strike opponents up to 4 metres away, as well as adjacent opponents. You threaten all squares within 4 metres. You can only use one end of the vibro-chain-ball effectively when employing reach, but you choose which end of the vibro-chain-ball to use.
If you use the vibro-chain-ball as a double weapon, you can only strike opponents within 2 metres, but you may fight with it as if using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon.
You choose at the beginning of your turn whether to use the weapon as a reach weapon or a double weapon.
The ball end deals 3d4 points of slashing damage if powered, or 1d8 points of combined bludgeoning and piercing damage if not powered. The chain end deals 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage, and gives you a +2 bonus on your opposed attack roll when attempting to disarm an opponent. A vibro-chain-ball is a Large weapon.

Redirect Vibro-Chain-Ball
Using this exotic weapon, you throw your opponent off-balance by using your feet and legs to send the chain-ball in unpredictable rapid power strikes.
Prerequisites: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Vibro-Chain-Ball), Dex 13, Base Attack Bonus +5
Benefit: If you attack with the ball head of a vibro-chain-ball without powering its blades, you ignore all dodge bonuses to your opponents' Defence.

Schoolgirl Look
You surprise your opponents by playing on your soulful young charms.
Prerequisites: Quick Draw
Benefit: If you are adjacent to an opponent, but you are not in combat and have not drawn a weapon, you may make a Bluff check opposed by your opponent's Sense Motive check. If you succeed, you surprise your opponent and deal an additional +1d10 damage on your first strike. This additional damage does not stack with sneak attack damage.

You overmatch your foes and slaughter them in an improbably short time.
Prerequisite: Great Cleave, Base Attack Bonus +10
Benefit: If all players involved in the combat agree, all attacks cause double damage for the next 10 rounds.
Special: Japanese Version: If all players and the GM agree, all attacks for the next 10 rounds cause double damage, and any attack that causes wound damage results in severing of a random body part (roll d4: 1=leg, 2=left arm, 3=right arm, 4=head).

Gift of the Sword
The weapons that you make bring honour and resolve to their rightful wielder.
Prerequisites: Force-Sensitive, Alter, Sense, Control, Tech Specialty (Mastercrafter) class feature
Benefit: You can construct a lightsaber on behalf of another person. When the weapon is complete and you hand it to its owner, the owner gains a Force point and has a +1 bonus to all attacks with that lightsaber, just as if he had constructed it himself. You also gain a Force point and have a +1 bonus to attacks when using that lightsaber.

Balustrade Fighting
Your surefooted stance upon things that are not meant to be stood upon gives you an edge over your opponents.
Prerequisite: Steady
Benefit: When you are standing on a railing, table, or other furniture or fittings, you gain a +1 stability bonus to melee attacks.

Destroy Scenery
Prerequisites: Power Attack
Benefit: When you miss an opponent, you may immediately make an attack on an unattended object within 2 metres of your opponent as a free action.

Greater Destroy Scenery
Prerequisites: Destroy Scenery, Sense, 3 or more Dark Side Points
Benefit: When you miss an opponent, you immediately score an automatic hit on an unattended object within 2 metres of your opponent. If you cause enough damage to destroy the object, you may immediately make a Fear check against your opponent as a free action. You must pay the normal vitality cost to use Fear.