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Dun Möch Mastery

Since the lightsaber forms article mentions dun möch in the same breath as Sith lightsaber techniques, perhaps it should be treated in the same way as lightsaber forms. Both in Cloud City and the new Death Star, the effects of Vader's and the Emperor's taunting seemed to go well beyond the natural effect of name-calling, even on an overwrought farm boy like Luke.

Dun Möch Mastery
You are versed in the evil Sith practice of dun möch , the domination of the spirit of one's opponent. You can cast your opponent's mind into despair, loathing and confusion, clouding his connection to the Force and leaving him easy prey to the Dark Side.

Prerequisites: Alter, Sense, Malevolent, Intimidate 6 ranks, Fear 4 ranks, Knowledge (Sith lore) 4 ranks, at least one level of Sith Acolyte, Sith Warrior, Sith Lord or Imperial Inquisitor.

Benefit: You may make one Intimidate check per round either as one attack in a full attack action, or as a move action, as you choose, to employ either the standard persuade or the demoralise effect of Intimidate.
If you choose to spend 3 Vitality Points, and succeed in your Intimidate check, your opponent is also dazed for one round.
If you have spent Vitality points and you exceed the DC of the Intimidate check by 15, your opponent is disheartened for the next 10 rounds. A disheartened character suffers a -4 penalty to all Force skill checks, except Dark Side skills. If a disheartened character uses any Force skill, he gains a Dark Side Point. If a disheartened character uses a Force Point he always calls on the Dark Side of the Force.

Special: You may not make more than one Intimidate check in a round by the use of this feat.
Making a character disheartened gives you a Dark Side Point.
If you use Dun Möch Mastery outside of combat, its only effect is to give a chance to make the target disheartened for one minute if you exceed the Intimidate DC by 15.
If you use Vitality Points to enhance an Intimidate check, the check is considered a Force-based attack and can be resisted by Force Defence.