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Just a few ideas to fit 3e and DLoM weapons more closely together:

- Blunt weapons: No nation in the Young Kingdoms, apart from the semi- humans of Org, favours a blunt melee weapon. The "Young Kingdoms Armory" image features a weapon labelled Heavy Mace, which is likely to be a less common variant used by a few warriors. Based on this, the heavy mace should be a Martial weapon, along with the light flail. The light mace, morningstar, light hammer, warhammer, heavy flail and greatclub are not used in the Young Kingdoms.

- Crossbows are not used (even in Lawful countries). The guisarme, ranseur and heavy lance are not used.

- Slings are widely used, which makes no sense if they are as puny as the PHB description. A sling bullet's damage should be increased (restored) to 1d4+1 or 1d6.

- Exotic weapons: Only the bastard sword, spiked chain, whip and net should be available. The Filkharian Pike, as illustrated, would be an exotic double weapon combining a battleaxe and heavy mace's damage.

- Melnibonean Barbed Spear: I can see no reason why "vicious barbs" would increase the chance or damage of a critical hit. Two options: 1) keep the +1 damage as the weapon's only advantage, or 2) normal damage, plus spear lodges in the wound, dealing additional 1 point of damage each time victim makes a melee attack or moves more than 5 feet, until removed - Dexterity or Heal check (a full round action) at DC of 12 + initial damage done, to remove the weapon without doing 1d3 extra damage. Weapon can be torn free by the attacker in the same round, using the full attack action, doing damage of 1d8 + 1d3.

- Sea Axe: Damage should be 1d8/1d4+1 (battleaxe, and dagger with increased weight behind it). The sea axe should not be regarded as a double weapon, and therefore not an exotic weapon either.

- On the distinction between the Young Kingdoms "broadsword" and the "longswords" used in certain other planes (see the "Rogue Mistress" campaign sourcebook):

The Rogue Mistress longsword has slightly increased damage and a reduced chance to break over the broadsword, due to its improved material (described as "in the manner of Damascus steel").
This should probably be treated as some sort of masterwork enhancement, as for the katana in Sword and Fist. Rather than a bonus to hit, it could have a partial keen edge effect, increasing its critical to 18-20/x2. This is also a closer conversion of the Stormbringer stats, as it increases potential damage rather than hit potential.
The sword is more difficult to break due to better material, which means that it has greater hardness - 12 rather than 10.

In the next paragraph, it's stated that the rapier is not a "sword forged in the Young Kingdoms". I thoroughly agree for other reasons that the rapier is not used in the Young Kingdoms. The steel rapier should also have hardness of 12.

In the Basic Roleplaying system, both of these swords allow half a Young Kingdoms character's Attack and Parry skills, as for a related but non-proficient weapon. Because of this, and because both weapons give advantages over other Medium-sized weapons, the steel longsword and the rapier should be Exotic weapons to a Young Kingdoms character.