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Ylyma (3e)
Ealla (3e)
Divine Forces (3e)
Sifany (3e)
Odwhid (3e)
Five Gods of Dissolution (Systemless)
True Lycanthropy (3e)
Flesh Shape (3e)

  • Ylyma, the White Goddess of deformity and disease
  • Ealla Crannykeeper, the halfling goddess of spiders
  • Divine Forces for clerics who worship no deity.
  • The halfling Lost Children: Sifany, goddess of werecats and wereweasels, and Odwhid, god of werefalcons and were-owls
  • The Five Gods of Dissolution

Divine Spells

  • True lycanthropy, common to lycanthrope divine casters
  • Flesh shape, granted to followers of Ylyma and Bayet