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Ealla Crannykeeper

Ealla is Lawful Good. She has various nicknames among halflings such as Big Sister, Mother Spider and Grandmother, since she is said to be older than Yondalla though not as well loved. Halflings pray to Ealla to keep their homes and families free of all foul and evil things. She has few dedicated priests, but a well-known order of paladins, the Hearthkeepers. Ealla's domains are Good, Trickery and Protection and her favoured weapon is the shortsword.

Hearthkeepers of Ealla

A paladin who serves Ealla's cause gains proficiency only with light armour and shields, and has the Base Attack Bonus progression of a rogue. He gains Climb, Hide and Move Silently as additional class skills. He gains the ability to perform sneak attacks as a rogue of his level but loses the Smite Evil ability. In addition to the usual paladin's code, a Hearthkeeper may use poison and traps freely (though he gains no special proficiency in doing so) but takes a special vow never to abandon an innocent to evil.

A Hearthkeeper in good standing may qualify for the Assassin class despite not meeting its usual alignment prerequisite, though he must still seek out and single-handedly destroy a creature of evil alignment of CR at least equal to his level for no other reason than to join the Assassins of Ealla.