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Lesser Deity (Chaotic Neutral)

Two-faced Sifany is the goddess of werecats and wereweasels, two lycanthrope kinds that are most common among halflings. Unlike other kinds of lycanthropes, wereweasels change form at the dark of the moon. Thus Sifany's nature and the emphasis of her cult changes with the moon from the indolent whimsy of cats to the frantic energy of weasels.

Sifany is a beautiful, fey little creature who has the power to travel between the moon-shadows of every plane. When the moon waxes, she is the ally of the Cat Lord, but as it wanes her allegiance falls away and she turns towards darker and bloodier powers.

Many halflings fear Sifany as greatly as any demon lord, as the embodiment of the reckless madness that can ruin man's life and break apart the bonds of family and of clan. The wildest of halflings seek out her favour to encourage their wandering larceny. Those few gnomes who know of Sifany often regard her more favourably.

Sifany's symbol is a half-moon from which a cluster of teeth dangles. Her favoured weapon is the scimitar, for she enjoys the spilling of blood.

Portfolio: Werecats, wereweasels, self-indulgence, pleasure, stealth, bloodshed

Domains: Chaos, Animal*, Travel, War**

* Clerics of Sifany who are natural lycanthropes may choose to gain true lycanthropy as a 5th level domain spell for the Animal domain in place of commune with nature. Druids of Sifany who are natural lycanthropes can cast true lycanthropy as a 5th level druid spell.

** War clerics of Sifany gain wall of thorns as the 5th-level domain spell for War instead of flame strike.

Cleric Training: Most of Sifany's clergy (including clerics, druids, adepts and bards) are lycanthropes of one of the two sorts that she governs, though she welcomes the service of non-afflicted halflings and gnomes and of lycanthropes of larger cat kinds. Some of her most skilled combatants take up the dervish class. Others are shadowdancers or assassins.

Quests: In myth, Sifany is one of the two Lost Children of the halfling pantheon. She visits the Blessed Fields only on occasional whims to enjoy the unease of her family and soon departs when she tires of arguments with the pantheon. Likewise, Sifany's cult as a whole takes no interest in halfling councils and only occasionally some of the druids and War clerics of Sifany offer their help at times of great danger.

Sifany has an odd measure of respect for her stuffy brother, Odwhid the Owl-God, and counsels her followers not to interfere with his charges.

Prayers: Sifany's priests celebrate her inspirations with loud, fervent, ecstatic outbursts of song with no set text, interjected into a dance or a wild combat.

Temples: Sifany's shrines are in inaccessible places open to the moon where only little creatures with great skill in climbing can go.

Rites: Sifany's worshippers offer songs of praise together with blood sacrifices at the full and new moon.

Her most skilled servants often stage single combats with blades in front of the assembled worshippers, either as a form of devotion or for position. These sacred duels are not fought to the death, but Sifany's worshippers generally don't feel that honour has been satisfied until the loser is wounded several times.

Herald and Allies: Sifany's heralds are a sleek, mocking werecat dervish and a lithe, dangerous wereweasel bard. She sends either celestial or fiendish dire weasels, giant cats (as tigers), chaotically aligned bezekira or were-wolverine ghaele as allies.

Home Plane: Sifany has partly stabilised a spherical realm within Limbo called Puzzledark. The inner surface is all tangled branches, steep rock spurs or rickety towers of timber and stone lit by a moon-like glow. The shuddering vertical perches of Puzzledark have no level base, descending into a grinding mass of rocks and debris that crumbles away at its bottom into the seething possibilities of Limbo.

Sifany can step easily into Karasuthra on the Beastlands to hunt, though that is not her true home. With the waxing moon she often travels through Arborea to flirt and cause trouble. As the moon declines she favours Ysgard. Those who displease her may find themselves fleeing through the howling bleakness of Pandemonium, pursued by swift unseen things with razor claws and teeth.


Forfent Steelhair

This grim Lawful Neutral demigod is the prince of were-ferrets. He is a patron of warriors who favours relentless destruction. He opposes Sifany's followers bitterly.

Kobold Wereweasels

The kobolds distrust Sifany and have a separate patron of wereweasels more to their own liking.