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Lesser Deity (Lawful Good)

Odwhid is the patron of werefalcons and were-owls, two kinds of lycanthropes of good and noble nature that arise most often among halflings. Odwhid is sometimes called the Destroyer of Evil Things, for he sees far and strikes fiercely against the unworthy. His followers hold power over the dusks, nights and dawns of the full moon, making the forests and fields places of fear for kobolds, goblins and their ilk. He gives courage to those who feel themselves set apart and called to a higher, lonelier destiny than their home-loving kin. His companion is the wry, wizardly gnomish demigod, the Wereraven.

Though Odwhid inspires minor orders of paladins and monks and is popular among adventurers of the more nobly-aligned sort, halfling elders disapprove of his influence on impressionable youngsters.

Odwhid's symbol is the profile of a bird of prey ascending. His favoured weapon is the shortsword..

Portfolio: Werefalcons, were-owls, vigilance, swiftness, hunting, glorious deeds

Domains: Good, Animal*, Air, Luck

* Clerics of Odwhid who are natural lycanthropes may choose to gain true lycanthropy as a 5th level domain spell for the Animal domain in place of commune with nature. Druids of Odwhid who are natural lycanthropes can cast true lycanthropy as a 5th level druid spell.

Cleric Training: Odwhid's clergy (including clerics, Neutral Good and Neutral druids and paladins) are required to travel the lands and actively resist the workings of evil. Some interpret his teachings differently, forming cells of assassins.

Younger followers, who may be only beginning to understand the implications of their ability to change their shape, travel and learn as the acolytes of more experienced teachers as they work together to complete their missions. Not all of Odwhid's followers are lycanthropes, as he accepts other servants who respond to his ideals.

Quests: Odwhid is one of the Lost Children of the halfling pantheon. He seldom visits the Blessed Fields as he knows the pain that the sight of his transformation causes to his kin. Likewise, Odwhid's travelling clergy do not impose themselves upon halflings unless they are asked to assist.

Despite the sometimes dangerous and violent activities of the scions of his sister, Sifany, Odwhid believes that they too may one day find a more worthy calling in their hearts. Thus his paladins deal sparingly with werecats, wereweasels and with rogues who have some of their nature, trying to convince them to spend their energies for better causes.

Prayers: Odwhid's followers call out the god's motto at the instant of striking a blow, or chant his tenets as an aid to concentration during a long period of necessary watchfulness.

Temples: Shrines in the countryside, particularly on hills and other places with a high and airy outlook, provide the necessities of worship as Odwhid's paladins travel from place to place. His more notable centres are strongly fortified in the style of watchtowers, incorporating training halls and armouries.

Rites: The paladins of Odwhid meet in yearly moot to report on their doings and discuss the greatest threats to the land. The moot discussions are most popular with the were-owls, while the were-falcons prefer the races, contests and forays against goblins that are held around the same time.

Herald and Allies: Odwhid's herald is a trumpet archon of middle height who possesses the god's power to take the form of a bird of prey. His allies are celestial giant eagles, giant owls and rocs.

Home Plane: Odwhid keeps a noble watchtower in the heights of Shurrock, in Bytopia. He may be found in attendance at the courts of greater beings in Celestia or enjoying the freedom of the air above the Beastlands.