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True Lycanthropy

Level: Animal 5*, Druid 5*
Components: V, S, DF, XP
Casting Time: 1 full day
Range: Close (25 feet + 5 feet per caster level)
Target: One willing afflicted lycanthrope
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

* A natural lycanthrope cleric may choose to gain true lycanthropy as his 5th level domain spell for the Animal domain when he reaches 9th level instead of commune with nature. A natural lycanthrope druid adds true lycanthropy to his spell list as a druid. Only a natural lycanthrope can cast this spell.

You transform one afflicted lycanthrope into a natural lycanthrope of the type with which the subject is afflicted. The subject may be in the humanoid/giant, hybrid or animal form when the spell is cast but must be willing to have this spell cast on him. (An afflicted lycanthrope who is under an involuntary transformation is unwilling to have spells of any sort cast on him.)

  • The subject immediately and permanently gains the alignment of the lycanthrope type.
  • The subject's damage reduction when in animal or hybrid form increases to 10/silver, or any alternate level of damage reduction that is typical of natural lycanthropes of that type.
  • The subject gains full control of his Alternate Form ability.
  • The subject gains the Curse of Lycanthropy ability, allowing him to transmit his form of lycanthropy by a bite attack.
  • The subject cannot be cured of lycanthropy by heal, remove disease, remove curse or break enchantment.
  • The subject's Level Adjustment for the lycanthrope template increases to +3.

You do not gain any special control over the subject.

If the lycanthrope type has a listed alignment of always good, evil, lawful or chaotic, true lycanthropy is a spell of that type. For example, casting true lycanthropy to make a creature a natural werewolf is a chaotic and evil spell.

XP Cost: 250 XP.