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The Feast of St. Krum

This holy day is dedicated to a stout-hearted dwarven warrior, a master crossbowman who piously served the god of noble heroism, who averted great danger to the land, in the form of an improbably large goblin horde, by killing its demon general (a greater barghest). Though the goblins vengefully roasted Krum on a griddle, without leadership they had to disperse and his brave deed is remembered by prayers, feasts and tourneys.

In the town, on the sunset before his holiday, the assassins gather (none care to know where), don their executioner's masks and make a solemn procession (none care to cross their path) to the tall house called the Lying-Down Place of Krum whence the saint made his shot. There they lay a wreath made of interlocked quarrels, each magicked to slay a great enemy of the civilised realms. By this service their presence is tolerated for another year.