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In some settings, clerics and other divine spellcasters draw their magic from impersonal forces rather than from a deity. This is far from the easy option that many of the populace imagine, as the cleric must stand without any intermediary before realities greater and purer than most mortals can fully conceive.


The Force of Good is neutral good. Some know It as Weal or Altruism. Good implies respect for life and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others. Those who consciously follow Good devote their lives to healing, saving lives and selfless charity, doing the best that a good person can do in an imperfect world. The domains associated with Good are Good and Healing. Its holy symbol is the symbol of life in lands where Good's priests are known. Good's favoured weapon is the quarterstaff.


The Force of Evil is neutral evil. It is called Woe and Malevolence. Evil chooses to hurt, oppress and kill, debasing and destroying innocent life. Followers of Evil harm others for sport and profit, freely bestowing pain, terror and despair, fulfilling as they do so the will of Evil. The Force of Evil grants power in the domains of Evil and Destruction. Its symbol is the life-symbol reversed, the stylized mark of claws, or the sign of the Pit. Evil's favoured weapon is the dagger.


The Force of Law, sometimes called Order or Stability, is lawful neutral. Law requires truth, faithfulness to oaths, respect for authority, honour and reliability. Those who advocate Law seek a society in which people can depend on each other and can have confidence that others will act as they are expected to act. They are concerned to promote stability and organization and to punish those who transgress laws or traditions. Law's domains are Law and Protection. Its holy symbol is the land's traditional mark of the courts of justice. Law's favoured weapon is the mace.


The Force of Chaos is chaotic neutral. Some know it as Anarchy, Entropy or Change. Chaos favours individual choice, new ideas, freedom and recklessness. It wants every potential to be expressed whatever the consequence. Worshippers of Chaos agitate for everyone in society to be able to express their urges in unfettered freedom. Chaos' domains are Chaos and Trickery. Its holy symbol is an unmarked flag. Any exotic weapon of the worshipper's choice can be a favoured weapon of Chaos.


The Force of Humankind is neutral. Humankind interests itself in lineages and traditions that trace back to pioneers, conquerors, innovators and survivors. It values diversity, growth and adaptation. Those who devote their lives to Humankind strive for the advancement and betterment of humans and include reformers, inventors, explorers and those who govern human lands. Its domains are Luck and Travel. Humankind's holy symbol is a clasped hand and its favoured weapon is the longsword.


The Force of Nature is neutral. It is known as the Wild. Nature encompasses life, death, living things and the landscape in which they pass their lives. Sentient beings find Nature both beautiful and horrible, awe-inspiring in age and strength. Those who worship Nature in itself seek out these qualities above any advantage that could be wrested by taming or overcoming the natural world. Nature's domains are Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Sun and Water. Any fresh plant or animal part can be a holy symbol of this force. Its favoured weapons are teeth and claws.


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