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Latest updates:

24th December 2023: Added shapeshifters to Aliens.

28th August 2023: Added APCs and Skycarriers to Spot Rules.

12th March 2023: Added Sector Q; to Space Spores. Periodic updates.

6th January 2022: Added disguise specialty skill to Spot Rules.

26th June 2021: Local downloads for 24 Hour Games.

26th September 2020: Added notes for space vehicle and veterinary medicine skills to Spot Rules.

6th May 2020: Updated Stardrives.

17th January 2020: Updated Anthropomancy in Call of Cthulhu Conversion.

8th December 2019: Removed stormcrows group link from Dark.Matter.

11th April 2019: Updated Hard-Boiled.

1st December 2018: Added Cornelius Cycle to Space Spores.

29th January 2018: Removed broken links from Machine Dreams.

28th January 2018: Added Calendars to Spot Rules, shotgun notes to Dark.Matter, moved Harlots of Sfyne to Fantasy Settings.

15th January 2018: Added Clones to Aliens.

12th November 2017: Updated SPOInG.

2nd January 2017: Pilots and Artists now updated at AlternityRPG.net.

6th December 2015: Updated SPOInG, EXCOM.

14th December 2014: Removed broken links.

12th May 2013: Edits to Nebuleon.

1st July 2012: Added Space Opera and Signs and Portents conversions to Aliens.

17th January 2012: "Stardrive Boosters" moved to AlternityRPG.Net .

21st November 2011: Update to stardrive booster conversion.

23rd February 2011: Updates to Orthopteroids. Added stardrive booster conversion to Spot Rules.

31st May 2010: Updated A.Net image.

6th May 2010: Added Night Lurkers (Shkorch) to Aliens.

23rd April 2010: Added suggested revision for stardrives in Spot Rules.

26th September 2009: Added "Bring Back Alternity" link.

13th September 2009: Added Trigannitaroes to Nebuleon.

7th September 2009: Added Harlots of Sfyne to Spot Rules.

14th August 2009: Added Start Anywhere Decoherence 2 to 24 Hour Games.

15th July 2009: Updates to Nebuleon.

5th July 2009: Permanent links for 24 Hour Games, added Start Anywhere Decoherence 1.

1st July 2009: Added discussion of Humans to Nebuleon.

28th June 2009: Added Nebuleon species to Aliens.

25th June 2009: Added Start Anywhere character sheet.

24th June 2009: Revised Extended Mission page to 24 Hour Games , added Start Anywhere.

17th May 2009: Added Patch 002 to Extended Mission.

9th May 2009: Added Patch 001 to Extended Mission.

6th May 2009: Added Extended Mission.

5th April 2009: Added Aliens with Frow and Shatterzone species.

5th March 2009: Updates to Heavy Weapons in Dark.Matter.

21st February 2009: Moved to A.Net.

6th September 2008 : Added Star Ace Classic notes to Spot Rules.

4th September 2007: Removed "Creating a Fantasy Hero".

19th August 2007 : Updated and added to Heavy Weapons in Dark.Matter.

25th December 2006: Added Ravagers to Spot Rules.

21st July 2006: Added "Creating a Fantasy Hero" download replacing Savage Tales Letters Page.

25th February 2006: Added Firefall Lodge to They Who Follow.

10th February 2006: Added Hard-Boiled Monster Hunters to Dark•Matter.

18th December 2005: Added GURPS Black Ops Greys to Dark•Matter.

21st August 2005: Final version of Machine Dreams (PDF download).

21st June 2005: Updated Machine Dreams.

19th June 2005: Reorganised and updated Machine Dreams.

28th March 2005: Updated Sentient Species Creation in They Who Follow.

15th March 2005: Added Space Spores section with They Who Follow. The Crucible renamed to Warhounds and moved to Space Spores. Adept profession adjustments in Spot Rules.

9th March 2005: Added Necromonger FX to Spot Rules.

18th February 2005: Updated links to A.Net and Libera Manifesto.

25th December 2004 : Updated Machine Dreams.

21st December 2004: Added link to Xenoforms II, hosted in the d20 Games area.

11th September 2004 : Added Repto-Borgs to Machine Dreams.

4th April 2004 : Updated Machine Dreams.

20 February 2004: Added Spot Rules with Quick and Dirty Starship Damage.

13 January 2004: Added Hardness/Fracture to Dark•Matter.

14 September 2003: Added Servitors of the Outer Gods to Call of Cthulhu conversion.

17 July 2003: Added Skill Ticks to Call of Cthulhu conversion.

12 July 2003: Revisions to Call of Cthulhu conversion. Added Gardener Robots to Orthopteroids.

8 March 2003: Added Bio-Types for each nation of origin to Nemesis Gate.

17 January 2003: Added Deep One and Dimensional Shambler to Call of Cthulhu - Alternity Conversion.

12-13 January 2003: Minor revisions to Cthulhu and Shan conversions in Call of Cthulhu - Alternity Conversion and to The Crucible.

5 January 2003: Added Great Cthulhu to Call of Cthulhu - Alternity Conversion.

20 October 2002: Added Bilberberg Society Working Groups to Dark•Matter.

25 August 2002: Updated Machine Dreams. Added links to News.

2 August 2002: Updated Machine Dreams.

28 July 2002: Updated Machine Dreams.

9 June 2002: Added Order of the Dragon to Dark•Matter. Added Libera Manifesto link.

24 May 2002: Added Militant Species and Bortizan campaign to The Crucible.

18 May 2002: Updated Machine Dreams.

4 May 2002: Updated Machine Dreams.

28 April 2002: Moved to ihug. Removed ads.

20 April 2002: Name change for Orthopteroids (formerly Reticulans).

1 April 2002: Revised Sandmen page to Machine Dreams. Added Alternity.Net link. Call of Cthulhu-Alternity is now Mythos Compliant.

29 January 2002: Added Sulphur Giants, EXCOM, sandman cyber-gear and Xinjiang-Uighur infection to Dark•Matter.

20 January 2002: Updated links for Pascagoula Entity Sightings.

11 December 2001: Revised Call of Cthulhu-Alternity Conversion. Added conversion for Cho Chu-Tsao.

9 December 2001: Added Brown Jelly to Dark•Matter.

7 October 2001: Revised Call of Cthulhu-Alternity Conversion. Added conversion for SS-Oberfuhrer Reinhard Galt, various spells and other magics.

23 September 2001: Added Security Clearance to Dark•Matter. Revised Call of Cthulhu-Alternity Conversion. Added conversion for the Insects from Shaggai.

28 July 2001: Added Supporting Cast (Pilots and Artists) to Dark•Matter.

8 July 2001: Added Fantasy Settings. Further Fantasy Setting updates are recorded at the Fantasy Settings page.

10 June 2001: Revised Mental Breakdown table in Call of Cthulhu - Alternity Conversion.

21 May 2001: Revised Mythos Tomes in Call of Cthulhu - Alternity Conversion. Added conversion of "Unausprechlichen Kulten".

13 May 2001: Emergent Mutants added to Nemesis Gate.

12 May 2001: Non-Integrated States added to Nemesis Gate.

6 May 2001: Character generation pages added to Nemesis Gate.

11 February 2001: Revised Contact Deity spell in Call of Cthulhu - Alternity Conversion. Added more description to Dark•Matter - Heavy Weapons.

19 January 2001: Revised Call of Cthulhu - Alternity Conversion. Added conversion of Yog-Sothoth to "Creatures".

14 January 2001: Revised "The Crucible - Military" to use Warships rules.