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"All that you see is not all that there is."

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This section contains my additions and speculations for the Dark•Matter campaign setting.

The listing of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities includes the Pascagoula Arthropoid, Hairy Dwarf, Brown Jelly, Sulphur Giant and the GURPS: Black Ops version of Greys.

The Pascagoula Entity is a mysterious insectoid xenoform, seldom described clearly, with its own remarkable technology. The Hairy Dwarf is a sometimes incomprehensible xenoform with surprising physical properties, best known from Europe and South America. The Brown Jelly is a powerful extradimensional whose consciousness is divided between many humanoid bio-constructs. The Sulphur Giant is occasionally seen, going about its inscrutable business in our inhospitable atmosphere.

I've also hosted the d20 version of Xenoforms II on the d20 Games page.

Machine Dreams is a sourcebook for the sandmen.

My Illuminati pages cover new Illuminated groups (the EXCOM, SPOInG, the Order of the Dragon) and details of existing groups (additional Bilderberg Society working groups).

I have included my Call of Cthulhu conversion notes, rocket launchers and similar anti-vehicle heavy weapons, ranges for shotguns, revised spell description for Monotheism-cure, and costs of silver bullets, as seen on the Dark Matter mailing list.

I have added my rules for agents' Security Clearance, rules for mental distress using Hardness and Fracture, game qualities for Hard-Boiled monster hunting detectives and information on the twelve Vile Vortices around the globe.