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I wanted to make this miracle a bit less like a Cure Light Wounds, and more like the recorded miracles of the saints. Here's what I came up with. As recorded in Revelations, there should certainly be a diabolist version of this spell, especially rank benefit #4.



Skill points 4, 2 FX points

The believer can dispel diseases and poisons (but not magical curses, spirit possessions, or nanite infection).
Curing a Marginal disease or poisoning requires a simple skill check with no modifier. Curing an Ordinary or Good ailment gives a modifier of +1 or +3 respectively, unless the recipient is Terminally Ill, which applies a modifier of +3, in addition to any modifiers for Mortal damage which has already been caused by the disease. At rank 1, a believer has a +4 penalty to affect Amazing poisons, and cannot affect Amazing diseases at all by this miracle.

The pain and discomfort of the ailment ceases immediately (all penalties are removed) and poisons do not cause any further damage. All symptoms of the ailment vanish after one day. If the disease or poison had already caused damage to the recipient, the miracle immediately cures up to 2 Mortal, 4 Wound, or any amount of stun and fatigue points caused by the ailment.

Improved Curing: At rank 4, the penalty for curing a Good disease or poison drops to +2, for an Amazing poison drops to +3, and the believer can affect Amazing diseases. Unlike lesser ailments, Amazing diseases are not completely cured by use of this miracle. Any success removes pain and discomfort for one day, cures damage caused by the disease as described above, and prevents damage due to Terminal illness for one day. A Good success also reduces the patient's level of illness by one step, or an Amazing success reduces the level of illness by two steps (from Terminally Ill to Ill, or Extremely Ill to Healthy).

Cure Serious Wounds: At rank 5, the believer can affect persons who are unconscious due to Wound damage, or have suffered Mortal damage. Modifiers for Mortal damage apply to this check. A person unconscious due to Wounds immediately regains 2, 4 or 6 Wound points depending on success. A person with Mortal damage immediately heals 2, 3 or 4 points of Mortal damage, any extra points curing the same amount of Wound damage.

Cure Disabilities: At rank 6, the believer can undo long-term dysfunction of limbs and organs caused by injuries or diseases. This is a task of Good difficulty (+2 penalty), unless the disability is congenital (due to a birth defect or genetic flaw), which applies a +4 penalty. One, or a pair of organs are immediately restored to full function.

Raise Dead: At rank 9, the believer can restore life to a person who has been dead for up to three days. The skill check carries a +2 penalty within 1 hour of death, +3 up to one day, +4 to the end of the second day, or +5 for the third day. The raised person has 1 point of Fatigue damage for each 6 hours that he was dead, up to his maximum Fatigue, and this Fatigue damage can only be regained as for Wound points, by days and weeks of rest or by medical treatment. (Medics who have not treated resurrected patients before have a +1 penalty.)
If killed by wounds, the raised person has Wound damage sufficient to reduce him to 1 Wound point. If killed by poison or disease, the believer may immediately make a second cure check (without spending FX points or another action) to attempt to cure the ailment.

Regenerate: At rank 12, the power of the deity can cause destroyed organs and limbs to regrow within seconds and return to full function.