Uncle Jimbo's End of Time Blues

"All that you see is not all that there is."

Bug Huntin' Home

A few useful Perks for characters of the hard-boiled monster hunting detective genre:

Monstrous Ally
Cost 4, PER, Conscious
As Powerful Ally, but gives you contact with a supernatural creature - easier to locate than a human ally but more trouble to keep happy. Maybe a Monstrous Ally could modify the perk check results as follows: Critical Failure, anger your ally and take Ordinary damage from one of the ally's supernatural abilities or melee attacks. Failure to Amazing, no aid or varying degrees of aid as listed in the Players' Handbook. A Monstrous Ally's aid often consists of personally destroying the hero's enemies.
A hero can easily contact her Monstrous Ally in her usual area of work but may need magical assistance to call on its aid elsewhere - vampires and demons often don't use telephones.
The character can only lose the Monstrous Ally perk by paying 8 AP.

Kiss of Darkness
Cost 4/5/6, WIL, Conscious
Your ally or your past infuses you with supernatural strength that you can call on, for a price - on a successful perk check, +1 to +3 STR and +1 to +3 CON depending on the grade for the remainder of the scene, subject to a Resolve-mental resolve check at the end of the scene to avoid gaining the next higher grade of this Perk (no cost) or if already at the 6-point level, a fall into vampirism, uncontrolled lycanthropy or some other awful curse.
The character can only lose the Kiss of Darkness perk by paying 8, 10 or 12 AP depending on the current level of the Perk.

Psychic Detective
Cost 3, INT, Active
Choose one FX or Mindwalking specialty skill. The broad skill and specialty skill count as skills of the Combat Spec or Free Agent profession for you, and you apply half the step value of your STR or DEX resistance modifier as a bonus to that specialty skill.

Known in Darkness
Cost 3, WIL, Active
Known in Darkness is just like Reputation except that it gives a bonus to encounter skills towards supernatural creatures that exist either around the hero's base of operations, or in one particular alternate dimension. Her reputation probably won't affect creatures that arrive from elsewhere on Earth.
The character can only lose the Known in Darkness perk by paying 6 AP.

Hard Boiled
Cost 5, WIL, Conscious
When you drink or take recreational drugs, you may make a perk check to recover 1 Wound point of damage or 1 Fatigue point

Cost 3, PER, Active
By paying no rent and living on cheap bourbon and your friends' cigarettes, you avoid 90% of living costs

Cost 6, INT, Conscious
Provided you can visit your office or car, make a perk check to find whether you have on hand the proper equipment to defeat any particular supernatural creature. If successful you locate one clip of bullets (or a dagger or club, if you prefer) suitable to overcome any special resistance that the creature has. On a Good or Amazing success you also locate a dose of any common substance to which the creature is vulnerable.


+5 SP, PER
Other people around you tend to get hurt. When a person within 10 metres who is not hostile to you receives a Critical Failure or is struck by an Amazing hit, that person takes maximum damage or automatically fails any check they are required to make to reduce damage