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Greys from GURPS Black Ops

These new xenoforms show the great variety of creatures which have been reported as occupants of "nuts and bolts" UFOs. Among the xenoforms described in the Dark Matter Campaign Setting, creatures similar to Greys, kinori and elohim are alleged to have been sighted on board UFOs of many different forms, as well as crew members who appear to be human.

New Xenoforms

The Pascagoula Entities have been described as insectoid, mantis-like, or in less clear terms. They may have a lower level of technology than other non-terrestrial societies, but have also exhibited unexplained, seemingly highly advanced abilities to enter enclosed spaces and induce abnormal states of human consciousness.

Many EBEs, especially in South American and European encounters, are described as dwarf-like with long hair of various colours. Some reports indicate an unusual physical structure to these beings. They may be violent and uncommunicative, or remarkably charismatic. They may have a close interest in terrestrial dogs, or be associated with dog-like entities.

Some reports of jelly-like living beings, typically brown or yellow in colour, have been interpreted as the "true form" of the entities usually referred to as Greys.

Large, three-eyed beings surrounded by soporific gases are a rare, but persistently reported type, braving our alien atmosphere for a mission that still eludes our understanding. Though they seem indifferent to humans they are dangerous if attacked.

I have included a conversion of the Greys from GURPS: Black Ops to Alternity statistics.