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Sulphur Giant

Scattered, but unusually consistent eye-witness reports from the 1950s onwards, most famously from Voronezh, Russia, testify to visits to our planet by humanoid creatures of large size and advanced technology. They seem to lack hostile, or other discernable intentions towards humans, though their continued return must follow some pattern of intent, however bizarre. Their almost random influence on human affairs may become more clear with further contact.

Description: The creatures observed in West Virginia, South America, the Canary Islands and Russia appear to be physical travellers from another planet or place with a very different environment than Earth. They are surrounded by their own foul-smelling, toxic atmosphere, which either flows out from their ships or is exuded from their skin over a wide area. This complex gas mixture causes temporary breathing difficulties to humans and other Earthly animals but does not harm plant life.

They are humanoid in gross body shape, 3m tall with a lanky, long-armed build. Their skin is brick-red, tough and scaly. They have 3 large eyes which glow with an orange light, a round head with no visible ears or nose, and a narrow immobile mouth. Most individuals wear silvery jumpsuits and heavy metallic boots. Some have been described instead with brightly glowing green robes, fitted tightly across the torso but with loose folds below. They are supplied with a suitable breathing mixture by transparent helmets with odd side flanges and a pointed top, with a nearly invisible recessed eye-screen and a thicker flange covering the mouth and nostrils.

Encounter: Sulphur Giants are encountered, if at all, on forays close to one of their landed vessels. They sometimes carry instruments with flashing lights, presumably some form of scanner, or are accompanied by large work machines.

They seem to have little interest in humans, defending themselves and retreating in an unhurried, orderly fashion if attacked. They make no distinction between human men, women or children, probably because the difference in size is insignificant to them, but will concentrate their attack on those who carry rifles or other large weapons.

Any human who approaches within 50 metres of a Voronezh Entity, unless equipped with breathing gear, is subject to an exposure challenge against its toxic atmosphere. The character must make a Stamina-endurance check each minute or lose Stun points as shown in the table on page 61, GMG.

A Sulphur Giant can stare fixedly at an opponent within 10 metres and cause a strange confusion in the target's mind. If the Giant succeeds in its skill check, the target must make a Resolve-mental resolve check or be unable to act for five minutes (Critical), 3 rounds (Failure), 2 rounds (Ordinary) or 1 round (Good). An Amazing success prevents any effect from the gaze.

They may also carry pistols that fire red beams, causing widespread burns, or nonlethal metal rods that cause the target to be transported a short distance. A target struck by a phase rod is shifted 20-400 (10 x 2d20) metres in a random direction, and is disoriented for the remainder of the round.

Habitat/Society: The crew of a Voronezh Entity vessel numbers no more than four, and they are just as often met with alone. The Greys are unfamiliar with this species, although the Goblins have probably encountered them, if the heroes ever manage to find one and get a straight answer.

Adventure Hook: The Back Nine
A Sulphur Giant ship is sighted repeatedly over a small town, prompting the Hoffmann Institute to rush a team of investigators to its probable landing point.
The entities land at a local golf course. By the time the investigators arrive, two Sulphur Giants have moved onto the fairway, complete with a work robot. If disturbed, they will defend themselves with phase rods, throwing heroes randomly across space-time onto other identical-looking fairways, isolated islands, or into water hazards.
The entities' glowing globular ship is safely concealed behind the clubhouse. If the heroes find it, a third Giant will sound the alarm, and defend the ship if necessary with its beam weapon.

Another Illuminated group may have somehow obtained the coordinates where the Sulphur Giant ship will land. If the opposing group plans to ambush the creatures and seize one for study, the Voronezh Entities may be provoked to an unprecedented level of violence by having one of their kind deliberately attacked and captured.
The heroes may find evidence of the dark purpose of the Sulphur Giants in visiting Earth, and be forced into immediate action to deter them.
Or the heroes must curb their violent impulses and spend a full session merely recording and following the enigmatic beings around.

The Achievement Points awarded for this scenario should reflect a preference for a non-violent study of the creatures. Award each hero 1/2 AP for each form of clear evidence collected (low-light still photos, video footage, air samples and footprint casts at a minimum). Physical evidence that results from an assault on the beings should draw minimal, if any, rewards - at most, 1 AP to the hero who collected and preserved the objects and specimens. Deduct 1 AP from all heroes if any Giants were injured or killed.

Sulphur Giant Globe

The vessels of this enigmatic species are spheres 35m in diameter, made of a material that is naturally transparent and immensely strong. A working platform is set across the base of the sphere, which is otherwise mostly empty. The occupants can open hatches in the sides and extend long, glowing gangplanks that are sometimes misidentified as beams of energy. After entering Earth's atmosphere, the craft often glow bright white, yellow or red with heat, though they quickly cool down. The ship's propulsion gives off a radiant red energy glow over a wide area that does not appear to burn or otherwise damage the ground, and leaves a luminous trail in the air, perhaps indicating a broad-area magnetohydrodynamic forcing of air over the surface of the sphere.