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The Orthopteroids are a major new starfaring species, written from the point of view of the Star*Drive setting at PL 7. They have claws that can dig through concrete! They laugh at laser beams! Well, sort of. Also at this link: the Orthopteroid stardrive; their history and relations with humanity; their client species, the vriik (deadly poisonous, berserking slave soldiers! Well, sort of).

Ravagers revises the species described in Alien Compendium II and makes some speculation on their origins.

Rules for Clones assume a species available as heroes as the original, but could fit almost any biological species.

I've described in Alternity terms some of the major species of the Star Ace Classic , Shatterzone, Nebuleon and Space Opera games and developed Alternity statistics for articles in Mongoose Publishing's Signs and Portents free e-zine.

Frow, from Julie Czerneda's Species Imperative trilogy, are self-important sentients who can climb like nothing ever seen, but are nearly defeated by the concept of walking.

Night Lurkers describes the Shkorch, a species of ultra-cold worlds, with their possible place in a campaign.