Uncle Jimbo's Bug Huntin' Range

2499: We return home.

Bug Huntin' Home

Extended Mission

I produced this RPG in 24 hours, between 12pm, May 2nd 2009 and 12pm, May 3rd 2009, as part of the 24 Hour RPG Challenge hosted by 1000 Monkeys 1000 Typewriters , using the starting topic "Semi-disposable" and incorporating an NPC called Keeton.

Players control robot explorers searching through the mysteries of a devastated Earth, while trying to avoid system failures, coyote attacks, shorting out in a pond, or being blown to pieces by deranged war machines.

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Download Patch 002: Errata (52KB PDF)

Start Anywhere

This 24 hour RPG, created between 12.30pm, June 23rd 2009 and 12.30pm, June 24th 2009, expands the topic "The hunt for green January" into a little game of alternate universes.

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Download Start Anywhere: Decoherence 2 (revised version: 76KB PDF)