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This site contains my settings and concepts for roleplaying games, mostly Alternity. I'll update it regularly with my current speculations.

Last updated: 31st December 2023.

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Nemesis Gate is a campaign set in late PL 6, assuming that we discovered a system of jumpgates created by a vanished civilisation of unthinkable power. The Gate gave us new worlds to conquer .. at a price.

Dark•Matter contains my additions and speculations for the Dark•Matter campaign setting, including the sandman sourcebook Machine Dreams, xenoforms, conspiracies, Call of Cthulhu conversion notes, modern rocket launchers, silver bullets, a revision of Monotheism-cure, and the Vile Vortices.

Aliens presents various new lifeforms to bemuse or menace the heroes.

Space Spores are little seeds adrift in the void that may grow into wonderful and terrible things: in a word, mini-settings.

Spot Rules contains general additions and revisions to Alternity concepts.

"Extended Mission" and "Start Anywhere" are (non-Alternity) entries to the 24 hour RPG Challenge.

If you enjoy a big stupid hack-fest every once in a while, then you may find some interest in my D&D and d20 system Fantasy Setting pages.


The contents of this site, except where otherwise noted, are the original work of Jim Clunie. This is a fictitious roleplaying setting and no part is intended as commentary on any real world person or organisation who may happen to have a similar name to those mentioned. 'Dungeons and Dragons' and 'd20 System' are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast and are used without permission. 'Alternity' is a trademark of Sasquatch Game Studio LLC and is used without permission. 'Call of Cthulhu' is a trademark of Chaosium, Inc. and is used without permission.

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