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I would want to develop a lot of salvaged or remnant technology (the idea of renaming a certain Perk/Flaw as Human Artifact has a strange appeal) and a few power groups who have an agenda in anything relating to Human ruins, whether that's philosophical or purely for material advantage.

Humans had some PL 9 technology, mostly PL 8. The Just were up to PL 8 by the end of the war. The heroes would be PL 6 to early PL 7, with FTL travel but no general use of gravitic technology.

It's quite possible that the heroes could encounter an AI built in human times during an adventure.

There are many worlds reduced to Info Age or much lower technology, though the space travellers assist their development, sometimes to make more profit trading with them and sometimes for more enlightened motives.

The space travellers of this setting get around by their own efforts using the jump drive from Warships. I'd like to make antimatter technology available as the setting's standard power source (that has some implications for weaponry), and PL 7 computers. There should be a sense of the galaxy being held together to some extent by a common infrastructure of old technology, but with many things having to be reinvented.

Standard tech tracks: PL 6 with Antimatter (PL 7), Fusion (PL 7), Quantum Manipulation, Matter Transmission, Super-Materials, Computers (PL 7).

Note that Q (PL 6) doesn't actually allow any new systems, but I put it in to give an idea of the technology that Humans and Just used to have. They also had Energy Transformation.