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9th April 2023: Added Iron Stair to Settings.

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2nd September 2018: Added Hydrophobia to a Settings section.

28th January 2018: Moved Harlots of Sfyne to Deities.

5th November 2017: Added Adventure of the Silk Jerkin.

2nd January 2017: Added lightsaber special abilities and ryyk blades to d20 Games.

18th December 2016: Added Dire Boar companion.

6th April 2013: Updates to Five Gods of Dissolution.

17th January 2012 : Updated project links.

23rd April 2010: Updated project links.

7th September 2009: Added links to Mithune and Ylyma in Deities.

7th July 2009: Added flesh shape to Deities.

6th July 2009: Added Five Gods of Dissolution to Deities.

26th June 2009: Added 4th Edition, marked various links as 3rd Edition.

9th April 2009: Moved Deities and Paladins links to front page.

21st February 2009: Moved to A.Net. Some links removed.

23rd August 2008: Removed EN World feeds. Added Future Gear and Space Opera Occupations in d20 Games.

10th November 2007: Added Phandeslon.

1st October 2007: Added links from Get Mediaeval page.

4th September 2007: Hosted Dark.Matter d20 Character Sheet in d20 Games.

2 December 2006: Added Paladins page with Paladin of Supreme Order and Chaos Knight (also linked from Dragon Lords of Melniboné).

22 January 2006: Moved Fallen and Abandoned Classes to Additions, removed Core Rules.

20 January 2006: Added true lycanthropy, details to Sifany and Odwhid in Deities.

15 January 2006: Added Sifany, Odwhid, details to Ylyma in Deities.

22 October 2005: Paladin Prestige Class (Open Game Content). Removed Barsoom pages.

11 September 2005: Added Deities page. Added Divine Forces (Open Game Content).

30 April 2005: Added details to Ylyma.

6 March 2005: Added Ealla to Additions, clarifications to Ylyma.

17 February 2005: Added Ylyma to Additions.

2 January 2005 : Added Settlement Tables to Additions, Kill Bill Vol. 2 to d20 Games. Clarifications to Marks of Contact. Removed non-functioning ad code.

21 December 2004: Hosted Xenoforms II in d20 Games.

14 March 2004: EN World syndication to new format.

20 February 2004: Clarified copyright.

1 January 2004 : Added Craft (blueprints), Marks of Contact, Dun Möch Mastery and Kill Bill to d20 Games.

18 October 2003: Reorganised d20 Games.

14 September 2003: Added Vigil to d20 Star Wars.

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12 July 2003: Added d20 Call of Cthulhu.

15 June 2003: Restored EN World ads.

24 March 2003: Added EN World News.

14 January 2003: Added Fallen and Abandoned Classes to Core Rules. Removed non-functioning ad code.

4 January 2003: Added d20 Modern with Greys, and started a Core Rules section.

25 December 2002: Added Halflings and minor revision to Paladin in Additions.

20 October 2002: Added Paladin prestige class in Additions.

10 August 2002: Added links to News.

9 June 2002: Added Intelligent Swords to Additions. EN World Supporter. Added EN World ads.

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20 April 2002: Added Elephants and Camels to Age of Legend.

11 December 2001: Added steel longsword and rapier discussion to Dragon Lords of Melniboné.

28 July 2001: Added Magical Bags to Additions.

8 July 2001: Added Age of Legend rules.

7 July 2001: Added Uncle Jimbo's Get Mediaeval. Added DLoM weapon notes.