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Core Ethos: Phandeslon is a setting of fantastic adventure where swordplay, intrigue and psionic strength overcome tyranny and otherworldly conspiracy.

Who are the heroes? An aristocratic Third Eye Lord is shaken from her secluded scholarship when she discovers cruel treachery against the Empire. A subtle and deadly Herald of the Lords' secret police, an angry young artisan with immense mental gifts suppressed by society, a coldly precise dueling-master with a tragic past, a dedicated healer-priest, and a girl scarred by violence are drawn into her rebellion.

What do they do? In their struggle to defeat the oppression of a usurping clique of Lords, the heroes discover a conspiracy to deliver the people of Phandeslon into endless slavery to evil outworld creatures. They must uncover the treacherous plan and disrupt a high psionic sacrifice that will open the minds of Phandeslon to an unstoppable army of psychic devourers.

Threats, Conflicts, Villains: Although the Empire itself could fall to the suppressed ambitions of the Guilds and Underclasses, whose anger, terror and pain ravage in manifest form across the lands, an inhuman hierarchy from the Beyond threatens all of Phandeslon with mental domination.

Nature of magic: Psionicists rule Phandeslon, and psionic abilities are routinely taught and used in society. The priests of the Hero-Gods have hidden divine gifts that are only half-believed rumors to most citizens. The scholars of Phandeslon teach that arcane magic is a primitive myth based on misunderstanding of psionics.

What's new? What's different? The setting develops and alters the treatment of psionics to present a vast and civilized imperial setting based on a different conception of paranormal power. Its threats are manifest terrors of the Empire's own thought, more often than beasts or primitive races. The heroes succeed by guile, secrecy and wits within a baroque and treacherous political structure.