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Through a combination of evolutionary and historical freaks, humans have retained the strength, reflexes and combat instincts which on other worlds are only known in the fiercest of predators. Even an average human can outstrip the most feared combatant species in the known galaxy.

Human Hero Creation

Humans have 55 points to distribute among their attributes, and the free broad skills listed in the Player's Handbook. They have skill points as dictated by their Intelligence, but do not gain any extra points. Humans have a +1 penalty to operate equipment of PL 7 or higher. They may not have psionic abilities or cybergear.

Humans may not begin play with these specialty skills: powered armour, powered melee weapon, space vehicle, xenology, xenomedicine, astrogation (system or hyperspace), space tactics. At 6th level or higher, a human may spend 4 achievement points to remove her Primitive flaw, then at the next level, may purchase the listed skills at list price +1.