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Militant Species

The Conclave

Hvim: STR Increase II, DEX Increase III, CON Increase I. Swift runners, earnest athletes with a touch of jingoism, tend to get nauseous and weak-kneed in first combats.

Sat'Kvat: CON Increase I, INT Increase I, Cybernetics III. Free cyber-gear: Nanocomputer, Cyber-Limb.

Fehnorm: STR Increase I, DEX Increase I, Increased Metabolism. Swarming enthusiastic attackers, tend to tire quickly and suffer from adverse conditions. Skilful fighter pilots.

Mikranet: DEX Increase II, PER Increase I, 15 SKill Points. Fierce, but not very able physically. The Conclave's most enthusiastic officers and band-leaders.

The Collective

Guliurg: STR Increase II, DEX Increase I, CON Increase III. Brawny, direct, more than a little uncouth, not too bright.

Yodge: DEX Increase II, Cybernetics III, 5 Skill Points. Free cyber-gear: Nanocomputer, Reflex Wiring. Effective gunners and snipers.

Lorid: CON Increase I, INT Increase II, Improved Senses. Skilful tacticians and junior officers, too technocratic to appeal much as politicians (c.f. Eiherren)