Uncle Jimbo's Bug Huntin' Range

They left it out in the Oort before we crawled from the sea.
The gate of Paradise.
Or the mouth of Hell.

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Satphone: Standard free equipment. Free calls, including Web access, within the area of a settled planet covered by a commsat grid. Black spots, crosstalk and interference are almost unknown.

Interphone Handset: E200. Interlink (Tablet Comp peripheral): E200. Per minute or comp action: Old Sol E10, Oasis E30, Ketann E10-40 as specified by GM. Instantaneous toll calls within the listed solar systems by gravitic wave. On settled planets, the satphone network connects to an Interphone transmitter. Interference often caused by astronomical disturbances, operating space drives, and nearby discharge of modern weapons. Interphones cannot be used within 1AU of a Gate. The tablet comp interlink allows use of SPS (System Positioning System).

Variable phone: E1000. Gravitic communication with Good encryption. Can be used as an interphone or interlink. Various special purpose frequency bands, capable of transmitting to 1AU. Good armour, Good rad shielding.

Holorecorder, holo player: Not available. See also consumer jack.

Music gauntlet: Smart deck and rhythm sticks are available, as well as various acoustic and semi-electric instruments.

Biolock, weapon key: Available as retinal scanner (included with standard tablet comp), thumbprint padlock, keyed gun. Smart-draw holster not available.


Field supplies: Life Support Pack is available. Trauma Pack I is available in a disposable form. Trauma Pack II is not available.

Shot extractor: Included in off-Earth first aid kit or Earth trauma pack, separately E55. Required for proper treatment of charge gunshot wounds (see also "Charge Guns"). +1 to first aid or treatment if not used, +2 for zero-G rounds.

Medical gauntlet/scanner: Available as medical sensors, connected to medical expert system running on a tablet comp, providing a total -2 to checks. See Computers.

Medical expenses: Coca-Cola's Flexible Medical Plan operates throughout Old Sol. Ambulance services are free, with several ambulances competing for customers in urban areas. All medical expenses tripled under FMP. Psychiatric services double duration for quadruple cost. Normal health insurance (2 claims per year for treatment) and high-risk health insurance (3 claims per year for treatment or surgery) are available for E60 or E2000 per month. Medical services may be provided by corporate and government employers.

Prosthetics: Few people wear eyeglasses due to easy and complete visual correction. Sesheyan light goggles are available. Lost limbs, eyes, ears may be replaced by Ordinary cyberlimbs and cyber-sensors at great cost (see separate listing).

Stealth and Survival

Cabin, portable: Not available.
Antiscan weave, stealth cloak: Not available.
Climate weave: Available as either cold suit or heat suit, each E200.

PIN replicator: Defeats keycard locking devices of all types on a Security-security devices check.

Vacuum Protection

Jumpsuit and vacuum mask: Not available.
Soft e-suit: Standard equipment for Spacer characters. No action penalties. Stated effects include use of the attached heating/cooling unit. Must be fitted for the user.
Zero-G web: Available as thruster pistol.
Broomstick: An orbital construction worker's long-lever-arm thruster unit, manoeuvring pole, safety clamp, tool holder and large-mass-shifting lever, built around a strong alloy rod.

Animals: See specific information for Old Earth regions, Oasis III, Virgin II, Ketann-Ozen, Ketann-Sa.

Mindwalker for hire: Not available.

Combat Spec, Bodyguard, Diplomat, Public Relations, Personal Assistant, Free Agent, Investigator, Tech Op: All can be hired for physical aid, or consulted, using the Interweb.