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They left it out in the Oort before we crawled from the sea.
The gate of Paradise.
Or the mouth of Hell.

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Hero Creation

Players wishing human heroes should decide on the character's origin (see Setting) and whether the hero is a groundling, Spacer, or mutant, then proceed to the guidelines below.

Human Heroes

Players wishing an alien hero should decide on the alien's species, then refer to the links below. These pages contain SPOILERS and should not be viewed by players of human heroes.
In general, the descriptions given in the Players' Handbook accurately reflect the beliefs that humans hold about the different alien species, along with the general knowledge below.

The tísa have a more advanced technology than humans, though their society seems backward and naÔve. The UN and the Fifth Line of tísa are joint partners in developing the Ketann system. The tísa hold an unknown number of solar systems beyond Ketann.

T'sa Heroes

The weren had advanced to the industrial age (PL 4) before contact with humans from Shell Rothmans Corporation. Many weren have been indentured to Coca-Cola, who own their home system. They work as labourers and security forces, both in the Oasis system and Old Sol.

Weren Heroes

The sesheyans are highly mysterious. Though their culture and technology is Stone Age, they are found in two solar systems of human space and at least one tísa system. Numerous alien artifacts are found on their worlds, in the Tau Ceti system and Ketann.

Sesheyan Heroes

Rumours of new alien species are common, but no evidence is available to the general public. No other alien species may be played as heroes.