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Tablet Comp: the future's hand-held, wireless Web device, supplied for free to citizens. Standard free equipment. Normal use is a network connection to the Web (planetary) or Interweb (system-wide in Old Sol and Ketann). See also Communications, Monetary System. Unit has Moderate armor plating, Moderate radiation shielding. Screen, 5-key ergonomic input pad, thumbprint reader, tilt-up retinal scanner, wide-angle microphone, integral satlink with GPS, one 3D slot (compatible with Hard 3D and Wide I/O cable), three input/output ports. As a standalone, tablet comp can run general applications (calculator, hyperword, Ordinary image enhancement) and programs off 3D (see Britannica II and expert systems). Storage is minimal - text documents only.

A workstation core module is small enough to be carried in a briefcase and can be used for such tasks as image processing at Good sensitivity and Good speed.

A full-size keyboard, flat screen or various printers (all non-inking colour) and modellers (soft thermal-resin 3-dimensional colour output) can be connected to a workstation or standard tablet comp.

The standard baton printer is a cylindrical unit about 70mm x 300mm, with a detachable plastic paper tray and wire stand. It can print and scan in colour at Good resolution, Ordinary speed.

Graphical Hardware Cost (Ecu)

Keyboard, full ergonomic: E50
Digitiser, specialised: E75
Screen, 600mm: E350
Screen projector, 2m width: E150
Baton printer/scanner: E150
Paper, ream, white: E5
Plotter: E800
Micro-modeller: E600
Modeller, 500mm: E1600
Memory writer: E15,000 (Restricted)
Scanner, photogrammetric: E1600
Workstation core, Ordinary: E1500
Workstation core, Good: E2500

General Hardware

Hard 3D: E15. Armored (Moderate), rad-hardened (Heavy), hardware-encrypted storage unit for important data, such as e-cash and field operatives' expert systems. Integral thumbprint reader.

Dataspecs: E20. HUD display of text or sensor analysis. Includes a retinal scanner. Available in fashionable styles and colours. Headphones (E5) also available.

IA (Artificial Intelligence): Available for stated cost of supercomputer, cannot be copied, downloaded, uploaded etc. Memory harness not available. IAs can be as small as 20kg, but are vulnerable to shock, radiation and temperature changes, requiring an armoured and climate-controlled compartment. (Spaceship/station: Durability 2, Power 1)

Consumer jack: E5000, requires cyber tolerance check. This specialised Neural Interface Jack allows the subject to experience Virgin Memory Art. The upload jack and upload 3D port are installed in a memory-maker at Virgin Space's discretion and expense.

Hladskiaf connection: This specialised NIJack is installed by Microsoft in selected, highly qualified gunship crews and capital ship weapons officers.

Expert Systems/Sensor Peripherals: Replace the various "gauntlets" and instrument packs. Expert systems are loaded on a 3D and run on a tablet comp.

Sensor Peripherals (Ecu)

Medical: E2000
Biological: E500
Chemical sniffer: E300
Laser spectrograph: E1000
Microscope, digital: E750
Radiation detector: E500
Telescope, digital, 75mm: E750
Radar baton: E350
Multisensor: E725
Meteorology: E75

Graviton detector: E1000. Detects interphones, charge and quantum weapons, carbon bombs, Gate Keys, some artifacts. Provides -1 to Awareness-detect evil checks. Connects to a tablet comp as a sensor peripheral.

Seismic imaging gear: Ordinary E750. Includes a gravitic shock generator, 6 seismic pickups, and a data multiplexer that connects as a peripheral to a tablet comp or workstation. Must be set for the desired radius of imaging. An Ordinary seismic imager can detect hard objects, cavities or layers of different density as small as 1% of the detection range.

Bug detector: Ordinary E150, Good E500, Amazing E1000. An Ordinary bug detector will find any radio or microwave transmitters. A Good bug detector also picks up the electrical fields of microphones, recording heads and video sensors, locating non-transmitting bugs. An Amazing bug detector has a hyper-sensitive EM scanner, magnetic scanner and intelligent signal enhancement, allowing it to find emission-shielded bugs and those concealed within operating electrical equipment.

Stress analysis sensor/expert system: Ordinary E800, Good E2500 (Restricted). This combination of a retinal scanner, multiple bio-indicator attachment, and expert software allows a skilled user to detect emotional reactions of an interrogation subject. The user can make an Investigate-interrogate check after each 10 minutes of use up to one hour, then each hour thereafter. If the user is unable to attach the bio-sensor, or has less than 10 minutes to draw a conclusion, the device functions at a +3 penalty.

Software Cost (Ecu)

Brittanica II general reference: E500
Expert system, medicine: E1000
Expert system, botany, specific: E500
Expert system, zoology, specific: E500
Expert system, planetology, specific: E500
Expert system, planetology: E750
Expert system, xenobiology: E750
Administrator, Marginal/Ordinary/Good: E500/E1000/E2000
Encryption, Ordinary/Good/Amazing: E400/E600/E800
Business reference: E500
Technical reference, specific: E600
Virus writer: Free on Good computer operation check

News services: Virgin Update and FTO Customer Bulletins are provided at no cost. Alternative and specialist services cost E5 to E40 per month.