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Various people around the internet have undertaken something called #dungeon23, begun by Sean McCoy's Twitter post and described in detail: Dungeon23 "Megadungeon for 2023. 12 levels. 365 rooms. One room a day. Keep it all in a journal."

I'm doing a few things differently, partly to suit a science fiction genre, with some influence from: Sector 23 With my intentions evolving as I go along, I'm aiming to develop at least one star sector, posting one to two star systems per week (adding another system if initial rolls don't provide enough), nominally about five locations and/or topics detailing out initial (guided) random generation. I'll present it in digital form.

Sector Q;

Often dropping the end punctuation, or more formally Eiluned Sector, this cluster-scale sector (5 light-years per hex) lies in Open Space in the Star*Drive setting.

Weeks 1 - 52 (PDF)

Ojska 64 - Rockpool Station (PDF)
Adventure: Autograph Hunters (PDF)
Adventure: Native Clay (PDF)

Sector map (click for full size):

Sector map


I'm rolling randomly on Monday and posting up Sunday, local time, plus various framing work for the sector and methods.

Hex Contents (d12)
1-2 -- Star system
3-4 -- Minor system
5-11 - None mapped
12 -- Nebula

If adjacent to an already placed nebula, count a result of 11 also as a nebula.


  • Alternity Gamemaster Guide, Chapter 14: Campaign Architecture
  • system names, adding either a number or "'s Star" for minor systems
  • the minimum needed from my Environment Class, starting with multiple star systems, system age, moon modifiers, vertical displacement of star systems and nebulas
  • my Colonies and Spaceships , which rolls in parts of the Star*Drive Campaign Setting
  • my Off Course resource for the concepts of minor systems and system encounters
  • some of Wakboth's additional tables should be useful to include, in their proper place in a sequence
  • my Star*Drive Supporting Cast to randomise species and languages, but not allegiance, which should go by "Colonies and Spaceships" as written
  • other Star*Drive developments will no doubt come up
  • sector map based on a hex grid with black background
  • diagrams in detail pages use a dot key (PDF)
  • I might flatten out an earlier procedure for "External" species just to a d4 roll:
    • 1 -- Stellar Ring species, independent community
    • 2 -- Uplifted species (I won't limit myself, but a likely pool of possibilities seems clear)
    • 3 -- External nonhumans, for which I can randomise from the standing topic (16 pages using d8 and another die, 10 posts per page using d20 and reading the ones value), which certainly won't balance with or represent anything but should give some variety
    • 4 -- a previously generated species, of which I can assign probabilities from: Surrounding colonies, External and extinct species (PDF).
  • I might look at (not necessarily roll on) Trade Tables for further description of a colony's exports

but not at this stage

Sample - Flailt and Sara's Object (PDF)

Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.


uncle_jimbo,Jan 1 2023, 09:37:
A challenge that's going around had already, before the end of the year, inspired a number of blog posts about process and real benefits - excuses, I might cynically call them, and predict if anyone actually follows it through, they'll have something remarkable to show. Some of those considered how to apply the idea for science fiction, of which this looks well developed:

Sector 23

Ernest Hemingway:
Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

So getting into the spirit of the season, currently Wild Turkey and Johnnie Walker on the shelf, but heeding my own words, I'll plan a full week, not this week, but probably next, to see what I can do about a format, nothing promised.

Then I'll start.