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They left it out in the Oort before we crawled from the sea.
The gate of Paradise.
Or the mouth of Hell.

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Approximate time line, 21st century:

- Freedom space station
- Manned Mars missions. Discovery of Martian fossils
- Formation of Shell Rothmans Resources
- Copernicus and Tsiolkovskii bases on Luna
- Destiny One core module in Earth Orbit
- Confirmation of Nemesis Object orbit (at this time, believed to be a gas giant planet)
- Manned Jupiter and Saturn missions. Confirmation of alien life on Europa and Titan. UN declares Outer System Scientific Reserve
- Lagrange Alpha core module built by Virgin Enterprises
- Destiny Two built on contract by Virgin Enterprises
- Discovery of Forerunner artifacts on Callisto
- War of American Reformation
- Merger of Sony Ford Group with Microsoft Corporation
- USH secedes from Old UN
- Nationalisation of American industries
- Lockheed Aerospace headquarters moved to Australia
- Mercenary contracting by Lockheed in South-East Asian wars
- Bio-synthesiser plant built in Destiny Two by Coca-Cola Restaurant Systems Division
- Copernicus Launch Base leased by Shell Rothmans
- Inner Belt mining by Shell Rothmans
- Europa Base built by Old UN
- Merger of Coca-Cola and Lockheed
- Invention of cold sleep by UN researchers
- Complete deforestation of Amazon basin
- Discovery of Gate and Forerunner artifacts at Nemesis Base
- Forerunner Gate Key duplicated by Microsoft Research Division
- First Corporate War: Lagrange Alpha and Belt mining bases declared sovereign territory by Virgin Space and Shell Rothmans. Destiny Two destroyed. Coca-Cola annexes Europa and Nemesis Base with Microsoft assistance. Low-intensity conflict continues in Inner Belt and Jupiter Orbit
- Australia absorbed into USH. Beginning of major sea level change causes large-scale migrations. Disbandment of Old UN
- Callisto Base built by Shell Rothmans
- Exploration of Virgin by Virgin Space under European Union licence. Colonisation of Virgin II
- Second Corporate War: Shell Rothmans seizes Europa and Nemesis Base. USH, European Union, China, Coke-Microsoft and Virgin Space confined to Earth Orbit
- Formation of New UN

Approximate timeline, 22nd century:

- Exploration of an unknown number of Iterations by Shell Rothmans. First contact with weren
- Breakup of Coke-Microsoft Consortium
- Terraforming of Oasis III begins
- Angel Incursion: Shell Rothmans sends nuclear-armed fleet to eliminate the Tower of Angels. In response, a Type 3 Angel battlecraft destroys Callisto, three Inner Belt cities, and attacks Earth
- Muhammadiyah revolt in Inner Belt bases
- Disbandment of Shell Rothmans Resources
- Exploration of Ash, Ketann by New UN. First contact with tísa and sesheyans
- Grav-fusion cell acquired from tísa by Microsoft
- Oasis War: Oasis system and Oberon Base acquired by Coca-Cola from UN
- First successful exploration of Gehenna by Microsoft. Arachne Station built
- Lorelei Incident: Unauthorised entry to Nemesis 12 Iteration by a private explorer ship. Returning Lorelei crashes on Hyperion. Numerous deaths among 11 search/rescue crews. Virgin Space Security marines extract survivors.
- Probe 14 incident triggered by robot probe returning from Nemesis 20
- Declaration of UN martial law at Nemesis Base. UN General Resolution passed regarding interdicted routes. Increased powers and altered rules of engagement approved for UN Space Navy
- Conflict of unknown origin among tísa of Ketann. Suspected Coca-Cola and Microsoft involvement. Establishment of Ketann Joint Development Region between UN and tísa
- Return of explorer crew from Tau Ceti. Interdiction of Tau Ceti due to reports of the Tau Ceti Object and damage to Tau Ceti II
- Invention of uranium-gold fission reactor and carbon-fusion bomb by Microsoft
- Virgin Space explores Pillars of Hercules. Initial report of a barren system. All further information is suppressed
- Muhammadiyah leases Ash Station from UN