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They left it out in the Oort before we crawled from the sea.
The gate of Paradise.
Or the mouth of Hell.

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In 2201, a habitat (sometimes shortened to hab) is any set of buildings which is completely enclosed from a surrounding hostile environment, either in orbit or on a planetary surface. A station is a small habitat for science, supply or communications with a handful of crew. A base is a larger habitat, the size of a small town. Larger settlements are called cities.
Each base is the sovereign territory of one power, and may have branch offices or consuls of other powers. Some planets are claimed by one power, but others are divided or have large areas of unclaimed surface. Outer space and unclaimed surface are international free zones, similar to the 20th century Law of the Sea.

Mercury: Uninhabited. No free-living lifeforms.

Venus: Venus Orbital Base (UN); Diana Station, Aphrodite Terra (Microsoft); New Arkansas Station, Maxwell Montes (USH). An extremely hostile planet. No free-living lifeforms. Special equipment is needed to land, or survive on the surface. The two underground surface stations are partly for prestige, and also carry out research. The orbiting base supplies both the surface stations and various expeditions within the orbit of Venus.

Old Earth/Luna: Numerous satellites and habitats owned by different powers. Orbiting cities in low orbit, high orbit and the Earth/Luna Lagrange points. Luna has Copernicus City (a state of the UN), Moonbase Tranquillity (USH), Tsiolkovskii Base (UN) and Virgin Farside Base. Earth/Sol Lagrange points have communication stations. Icarus, an Earth-grazing asteroid has a station owned by Virgin Space.

Mars: Claimed by USH. Phobos Docking Station (USH), numerous surface bases. Terraforming in progress. Light breathing gear and cold protection are needed for surface travel. Fossils of small invertebrates were found. Ice-eater lichens and various insects have been released.

Inner Belt: Claimed by Muhammadiyah. Zion City and numerous bases.

Jupiter: Claimed by Microsoft. Europa City, Ganymede Base (UN), numerous Microsoft bases. Europa has large chemo-algae and invertebrates below the ice crust. Sol/Jupiter trailing Lagrange point has Patroclus Base (UN, restricted access).

Saturn: Virgin Repeater Base, Titan Scientific Reserve (UN). Titan has sub-algal surface life.

Uranus: Oberon Base (Coca-Cola) for Outer System supply.

Neptune: Triton Station (Coca-Cola).

Pluto: Uninhabited.

Kuiper Belt: Uninhabited.

Nemesis Base (UN): Heavily armed battle station controls all access to the Gate. This asteroid is of Forerunner workmanship and has been held by the Old UN, Coke-Microsoft Consortium, and Shell Rothmans Corporation.