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The most up to date military technology of 2201 includes advanced charge weapons (see Charge Guns), laser and quantum weapons, stutter guns for non-lethal attack, and heavy weapons tipped with micro-fusion devices. Many areas are more backward, relying on cordite weapons of PL 4-5.

Personal armour is based on cerametal plates and carbonite-fibre bulletproof weave, with some experimental models incorporating energy-deflecting networks.

Melee Weapons

- Saber
- Combat knife
- Stun baton
- Pulse baton
- Pulse staff (as pulse baton, but uses special rule for staff weapons)
- Power cestus

Antique weapons: Any weapon below PL 5 can be bought or custom-made for E700, except katana which costs E3000.

Ranged Weapons (Smallarms)

1. Weapon types available

- Laser rifle (Galil IV, t'sa)
- Laser pistol (Project 4, t'sa)
- Laser SMG (Project 4, t'sa)
- Quantum rifle (Type 2)
- Stutter pistol (t'sa)
- Stutter SMG (Knockdown, t'sa)
- Charge pistol 9mm (Blue Eagle, Serpente Bianco)
- Charge pistol zero-G 9mm (Black Eagle, Pro-75, Khaled)
- Charge pistol 11mm (A-21: +1 accuracy)
- Charge rifle 11mm with bayonet (A-4)
- Charge rifle zero-G 11mm (AKT/C)
- Charge rifle zero-G 11mm with bayonet (Ghazi)
- Charge SMG 9mm (Uzi IV, Marine Special)
- Charge flechette shotgun (S-2)
- Sabot pistol 15mm (Enforcer)
- Cordite pistol .45 (Colt Government M1911A1: +1 accuracy)
- Cordite automatic shotgun 12-gauge (Hegira)
- Cordite weapons PL 5 (Non-Integrated: various) E.g. Cordite assault rifle (Bushmaster, Wolf-39 [jams on control die 19-20])
- Crossbow, hunting (Primitive Ranged Weapons)

2. Weapon manufacturers

- UN: Galil IV, Knockdown, Blue Eagle, Black Eagle, AKT/C, Uzi IV
- USH: A-21, A-4, S-2, Colt Special
- Non-Integrated: PL 5 weapons (Colombia: Bushmaster, Serpente Bianco; Ukraine: Wolf-39)
- Sony Ford Microsoft: Project 4, Type 2, Pro-75
- Coca-Cola Lockheed: Enforcer, Marine Special
- Muhammadiyah: Khaled, Ghazi, Hegira
- Fifth Line t'sa: Laser pistol, rifle, SMG, stutter pistol, SMG


Leather coat
Battle vest
CF coat (CF Long Coat is not available)
Battle jacket
Heavy assault gear
Attack armor
Cerametal armor (E10000, restricted)
Displacer suit (E30000, restricted)

Antique armor: Any armor below PL 4 can be bought or custom-made for E1000, except plate armor which costs E3000.

Heavy Weapons

1. Weapon types available

- Bantam launcher (Mach 4: can ripple-fire full load of 4, each at +2 to heavy weapons check)
- Bantam rockets, all PL 7 (Mach 4)
- Bantam rocket, starload (Shiva: E5000, restricted)
- Rail gun (Valkyr, t'sa)
- Grenades, up to PL 6 (various)
- Grenades, all PL 7 (UN)
- Mass grenade (S-7)
- Grenade launcher 6-shot (A-9)
- Shoulder-launched antivehicle rocket (Gladius)
- Shoulder-launched SAM (Revenger)
- Heavy charge machinegun (A-3: $5000)
- Quantum minigun (Type 7)
- Cordite weapons PL 4 and 5 (Non-Integrated: various)

2. Heavy weapons manufacturers

- UN: Mach 4, Valkyr, Shiva, grenades
- USH: Gladius, Revenger, A-3, A-9, grenades, S-7
- Non-Integrated: PL 4 and 5 weapons
- Coca-Cola or Muhammadiyah: Grenades
- Sony Ford Microsoft: Type 7, pulse grenade
- Fifth Line t'sa: Rail gun, plasma grenade, pulse grenade


At character generation only, purchase of any smallarm includes 1-6 clips of ammunition. Purchase of any heavy weapon except grenade or rocket launchers includes 1-3 clips or full loads of ammunition. The Revenger and Gladius missiles use disposable launchers, giving one shot for the stated price.

Ammunition is sold in standard ammunition boxes which each contain 10 clips for smallarms, 6 clips for most heavy weapons, 6 grenades, 4 bantam rockets, 1 SAM or rocket launcher load.

Oxygen-charged rounds for cordite weapons cost as much per clip as standard rounds, but have half the usual number of rounds in a clip. These rounds will fire normally in vacuum. The gun jams on a control die roll of 19-20 due to vacuum welding effects.