Uncle Jimbo's End of Time Blues

"All that you see is not all that there is."

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Game Statistics (Tribune)

STR 9 (2d4+4)
DEX 10 (d8+6)
CON 9 (d8+5)
INT 9 (d8+5)
WIL 10 (2d4+5)
PER 12 (2d4+7)

Durability: 9/9/5/5
Psionic Energy: 10
Action Check: 12+/11/5/2
Move: Sprint 45, Run 30, Walk 10
#Actions: 2
Reaction Score: Ordinary/2
Last Resorts: 2


Kick/Tail lash* 9/4/2 d4+1s/d4+3s/d4+1w LI/O
Bite* 9/4/2 Hold or d6s/d4w/d4+2w LI/O

* +d4 base situation die due to broad skill use.

Although they are carnivorous and can eat DNA-based flesh, Tribunes very seldom bite humans. They regard human flesh as foul and inedible due to the various diseases, heavy metals and toxins built up in our tissues, at the top of a seriously polluted food chain.

Instead, a Tribune will use its powerful jaws to seize and drag a human captive, possibly trying to stun using its heavy tail.


Armour d6-1/d4/d4-1


Athletics (9), Unarmed Attack (9), Stamina (9), Survival (9), Stealth (10), Vehicle Operation (10), Knowledge (9) - specific human language (12), Tribune language (12), Awareness (10) - perception (12), Resolve (10), Teach (10) - diplomat (12), Culture (12) - etiquette (Tribunes) (15), Deception (12) - bluff (14), Interaction (12) - charm (15), Leadership (12) - inspire (15)

Psionic Skills

Telepathy (12) - contact (13), mind shield (13), obscure (14), emotion (15)

This Diplomat-Mindwalker is a typical ship-owning Tribune. Specialist remote-handlers are less common, but would usually be called in for an important mission. These Mindwalkers have Telepathy - datalink, Telekinesis and Technical Science skills.

Telepathy - emotion: The Mindwalker uses empathic projection to alter the emotional response of the subjects. All creatures which the Mindwalker can see, within a 60 degree arc, can be affected. Short range is 5m, medium range 15m, long range up to 30m.

If the Mindwalker targets beings from an unfamiliar culture, especially aliens, he can only evoke the most basic drives: calm, fear, rage or desire. The target suffers penalties to her actions similar to a Flaw (Oblivious, Phobia, Temper or Obsessed), varying in quality by the Mindwalker's degree of success, unless acting according to the projected emotion.

The target's emotion is guided by her own nature and perceptions, not by the Mindwalker. For example, a target who the psionicist intended to feel sexual desire towards him may instead develop a sudden craving for pickled olives.

Against beings of his own culture, or those for which he has at least 1 rank in Culture - etiquette (or an equivalent skill), the Mindwalker can also evoke friendship, distrust, shame, awe, covetousness, and similar social drives. These more complex emotions can alter the subject's attitude towards those she meets while under the influence of the emotion, or have other effects. Again, the Mindwalker cannot direct the target's emotions to a particular person or object.