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"All that you see is not all that there is."

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SPOInG (pronounced to rhyme with 'Boeing', Strategic Psychological Operations Investigative Group):
Research group of highly skilled sociologists, linguists and psychologists, attached to CIA since mid-1960's, provides planning and technical assistance at all levels to agencies promoting covert mass mind control efforts.

SPOInG's motion-picture industry expert, Eduardo "Ed" Monicker, prepares the yearly list of Academy Awards winners for CIA endorsement.

Hidden History of the American Mind


Project Starport (the '70s Meme, memetic assault, combined with large-scale distribution of LSD, designed to disrupt and render harmless groups with Marxist-Leninist social and linguistic dynamics, uncontrolled and disruptive spread spawned many undesirable social phenomena, notably the 1980s form of the Final Church).

High-level scoping studies for CIA's Project MKULTRA.


Project White Flash (the '80s Meme, 1978 release, a far more contained and successful effort than Starport). Project White Hunter (early 1980s, with cooperation of MKULTRA staff and CIA's most notorious assassins, including assassination of John Lennon). Project White Bottle (late 1986-May 1987). Other White Projects may exist. No known connection to Rear Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter's Project White Hot of 1947.

Technical assistance to MJ-12 and NSA's Project Blue Flag, later renamed Project Curtain Call, designed to infiltrate the UFO research community for information-gathering and disinformation.


Project White Cat (commenced 1994 and ongoing, in concert with NSA and NASA, related to certain discoveries on Mars).

The shelf years: So much time was lost, so many good people. It was never about the Russians anyway.


The January Action: In the early morning of January 1st, 2000, thousands of people died. Nuclear reactors on three continents were compromised. The total global money supply shifted 24%.

You didn't hear about any of this.

Project Head Shot (the Noughties Meme) incepted the next stage of human social evolution. Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command. How did he get hold of that study?

We had to do it. They have to be ready. The Singularity is coming.

(See also: Body Shot, Snap Shot)