Uncle Jimbo's End of Time Blues

"All that you see is not all that there is."

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Call of Cthulhu

SERVITORS OF THE OUTER GODS, Amorphous Flute-Players

STR 10 (4d4-1)
DEX 13 (3d4+4)
CON 14 (4d4+4)
INT 14 (2d4+9)
WIL 15 (d4+d6+9)
PER 15 (d4+d6+9)

Durability: 14 / 14 / 7 / 7
Action Check: 15+ / 14 / 7 / 3
Move: Run 12, Walk 4
#Actions: 3
Reaction Score: Ordinary/3
Last Resorts: 4
FX Energy: 6


Tentacles (variable number)* 11 / 5 / 2 d4s / d6+1s / d4w LI/O

* A Servitor of the Outer Gods has an indeterminate number of tentacles, of which 16 can be used effectively. The creature uses 4 tentacles to hold and play its flute. When casting a spell, it uses 2 tentacles plus the FX cost of the spell (5 to cast summon Mythos creature, 7 to cast call Mythos deity) to make hypergeometrical figures in the air. For each metre that it rolls and slithers along in a phase, 1 tentacle becomes trapped or entangled until the creature ceases moving for at least one of its actions. All other tentacles can be used simultaneously to make attacks. (The GM may decide to roll 2d6 for the number of tentacles that can attack in each phase.)


Amazing toughness vs. LI/HI/En except for enchanted weapons and spells
+2 DEX resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks


Unarmed Attack [10] - brawl [11], Stamina [14] - regenerate [15], Lore [15] - Cthulhu mythos [19], Entertainment [15] - pipes [17]

FX Skills

Alienism - call/dismiss Mythos deity (Nyarlathotep, Servitor's master, and others) [17-20], dread curse of Azathoth [17], enchant item (pipes) [16], shrivelling [16], summon Mythos creature (Servitor of the Outer Gods, byakhee and others1) [16-18]

1Shantaks, hunting horrors or others associated with the Servitor's master

Every Servitor of the Outer Gods has at least one rank in call/dismiss Mythos deity, and a further 0-9 ranks in spells from the list above.

A Servitor of the Outer Gods may call forth a Mythos deity. This is a part of its function that has little in common with the spell. The creature must make a complex skill check of 3 successes, with one check allowed per round. It does not receive any of the usual bonuses or penalties that are listed for call Mythos deity, except that it gains the listed bonus if other creatures assist it by spending a total of 19 or more FX points. The creature does not pay any FX cost for the summoning. The deity remains as long as it chooses, though other creatures or the Servitor itself may try to dismiss the being in the usual way.

A Servitor of the Outer Gods may cast summon Mythos creature as a simple skill check that takes one action. It does not require any ritual items or sacrifices. The creature does not receive the listed penalties or bonuses to this check. The summoned entities arrive in 4 rounds for a Marginal result, 3 rounds for Ordinary, or 2 rounds for Good or Amazing success, and are automatically bound by the creature, unless they are themselves Servitors of the Outer Gods. The Servitor of the Outer Gods does not pay any FX points for summoning creatures, except for another Servitor of the Outer Gods, which costs the creature 1 FX. If the summoned creatures remain for longer than one minute, the Servitor must spend 2 FX per additional minute.

Regeneration: A Servitor of the Outer Gods can make a Stamina-regenerate check once per round. On a Marginal result, it recovers d4+2 Stun points. On an Ordinary success, it recovers d4+2 Wound points. On a Good or Amazing result, it recovers d4+2 Mortal points.

Sanity Loss: Any human who sees a Servitor of the Outer Gods must make a Knowledge-deduce check with a -1 bonus to determine if he can fully appreciate the cosmic abnormality of the thing's body structure and mode of movement. On an Ordinary success, the witness must make a horror check with a +1 penalty. On a Good or Amazing success, the witness must make a horror check at +3 penalty.