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Hairy Dwarfs

Game Statistics (Hairy Dwarf)

STR 11 (d4+9)
DEX 8 (d4+5)
CON 12 (d4+9)
INT 9 (d4+7)
WIL 9 (d4+6)
PER 7 (d4+4)

DUR 12/12/6/- (not subject to fatigue)
Action Check 12+/11/5/2
Move Run 12, Walk 4
#Actions 2
Reaction Score Ordinary/2
Last Resorts 0


Punch/Grapple 13/6/3 d4+2s/d4+4s/d4+2w LI/O
Render mount (full power)* 10/5/2 d6+1s/d6+1w/d4+1m En/O
Render mount (stun)* 10/5/2 d6+2s/d8+2s/d8+4s En/O

* -d4 situation die at Short to Medium range due to targeting laser. Render weapons reduce all armour rolls to the minimum.


+1 STR resistance vs. melee attacks
Good toughness vs. LI and HI attacks


Unarmed Attack (11) - brawl (13), Stamina (12) - endurance (15), Modern Ranged Weapons (8) - rifle (10), Vehicle Operation (8) - air (9), Knowledge (9) - specific human language (11), deduce (10), Life Science (9), Security (9), System Operation (9), Awareness (9), Investigate (9) - interrogate (10)

These are the basic programs installed in a Hairy Dwarf construct. A skilled controller can download a specific operational program, temporarily giving the Dwarf one or more extra broad skills and a number of specialty skills up to rank 6.