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From: rakovsky@moskva.pat.ru
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Subject: Imperial Order of the Dragon
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 08:32:21 GMT

My Friend,
Once more you have provided us with a question of great interest. In your seeking you touch upon perilous matters, secrets of history that will turn upon you and battle to remain hidden in shadow.

If it is indeed the same, the Ordo Palatinus Draconis of which you write has its origins in the Year of our Lord 1395. In this year the Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund of Luxembourg, was impelled by strategies both political and otherwise to attack the Turks, to which end he sought the Pope's blessing upon a Crusade. His cause was supported by the Anti-Pope, Baldassare Cossa called John XXIII, on condition that Sigismund should establish a loyal order in the service of the line of John XXIII and the Emperor.

The bloody and gold-hungry nobles who led their followers to his call swore a wicked and secret oath, in outward token of which they gained the honour of the Imperial Order of the Dragon. The Emperor Sigismund, John Hunyadi of Hungary, Vlad of Wallachia, John the Fearless of Burgundy, the Captain-General Bartolomeo Zeno of Venice, and many lesser knights swore to smite the enemies of the Pope without pity or ceasing, and gave many other oaths of equal bloodiness which were not publicly known.


Order of the Dragon: historical order of chivalry, most famous member Vlad Dracula of Wallachia. In secret history, dates back to Imperial Roman servi Caesari (slaves of the Emperor) who acted as secret police, and the Emperor Nero's Praetorian Guard. Uphold the Holy Roman Emperor's world rule, and the true line of Papal succession.

Currently work toward a New World Order (see Omega Agency). Promote ruthlessness, elitism and totalitarian control, under the Nine Principles, secrets of political science and mass psychology known to conventional history as the Nine Anecdotes of Dracula.

Members included Joan of Arc, Eamonn de Valera, Lavrenti Beria, and various cast and crew of "The Sound of Music".

Organised the Ku Klux Klan (a knightly order ruled by a Grand Dragon), Academy of the Americas, MK-ULTRA, and CIA assistance to the Shah of Iran and to South Korea. Responsible for attempted assassinations of Hitler, assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. Aided in election of Presidents Nixon, Reagan, George Herbert Bush (along with TLC/CFR), and George Walker Bush.

HQ: Madrid
Branches: Vienna, Edinburgh, Denver, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul
Secret Knowledge: Mind control and population control technologies, secret Catholic Church and European history


Like the Knights of Malta, the Draconists are a military order, and know the value of superior weaponry. They differ in their marked, even extreme traditionalism and their intention to sow terror and humiliation among any who oppose them. The Order's government contacts are extensive.
Assault rifle: The Brazilian military supplies the Order with any number of H&K G3A2 (7.62mm) rifles.
Shotgun: Remington 870P or Mossberg M500 (12-gauge pump action)
Submachine gun: The first submachinegun to really catch the interest of the Order is the ultra-modern SITES M4 Spectre (9mm large-capacity), which is quickly replacing the G3A2 as the armament of younger and more active Draconist fighters.
Pistol: Browning M1911A1 (.45 semi-automatic)
Heavy weapons: Flamethrower, light machinegun (H&K M21)
Non-lethal arms: Shock stick, strobe lamp, subsonic nauseator