Uncle Jimbo's End of Time Blues

"All that you see is not all that there is."

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Call of Cthulhu


STR 39
DEX 16
CON 23
INT 19
WIL 19
PER 19

Durability: 34 / 34 / - / 17 (Mortal and Critical damage become Wound damage)
Action Check: 19+ / 18 / 9 / 4
Move: Walk 24 [32], Swim 18 [27], [Glide 32], [Fly 64] (use movement rates in brackets when morphed)
#Actions: 4
Reaction Score: Good/4
Last Resorts: 4
Perks: FX Mastery (Alienism)
FX Energy: 30
Psionic Energy: 20


Claw* (x2) 48 / 24 / 12 d4+3w / d4+1m / d6+1m or Grapple LI/Small Craft
Claw** (x2) (when morphed) 46 / 23 / 11 d4+1w / d4m / d6m or Grapple LI/Small Craft
Face Tentacles (x4) 48 / 24 / 12 d4+2s / d6+3s / d4+2w or Grapple LI/G

* Area of effect: 10m diameter
** Area of effect: 4m diameter


Toughness: Amazing/Small Craft
+5 STR resistance modifier vs. melee attacks
+1 DEX resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks
Transdimensional scales and blubber 3d4-2LI / 3d4+2HI / 3d4En


Unarmed Attack [39] - brawl [48], Movement [23] - swim [27], Stamina [23] - endurance [32], regenerate [24], Acrobatics [16], Knowledge [19] - language (star-spawn of Cthulhu) [32], language (elder thing) [27], language (Yithian) [25], language (mi-go) [25], Navigation [19] - astrogation [32], Physical Science [19] - astronomy [33], physics [35], planetology [29], Social Science [19] - history* [33], Tactics [19] - infantry [32], space [28], Technical Science [19] - invention [34], Awareness [19], Creativity [19] - architecture [35], sculpture [32], Lore [19] - Cthulhu Mythos [38], fringe science [34], psychic lore [33], Resolve [19] - physical resolve [28], Teach [19] - Adept [35], Tech Op [32], Culture [19] - diplomacy [28], Interaction [19] - bargain [29], seduce [33], Leadership [19] - command [33], inspire [35]

* Areas of expertise: Xoth cluster (-2), Saturn (-1), Elder Thing-R'lyeh War (-2)

FX Skills

Cthulhu knows hundreds of spells, many of which have not been seen in effect for millions of years. A selection follows. The GM should feel free to devise relatively minor cantrips whenever they might be useful to the Great Old One. Cthulhu has a -1 bonus to all Alienism spells due to his FX Mastery perk.

When Cthulhu casts a spell that causes damage, the spell's firepower is increased to at least these levels depending on his skill: rank 1-6 Good, rank 7-18 Small Craft, rank 19-24 Light, rank 25-30 Medium.
When Cthulhu casts a spell that summons creatures, he summons a number of creatures equal to twice his skill rank (Lesser Races), equal to his skill rank (Greater Races) or one-third of his skill rank (servitors of the Outer Gods or dholes).

Alienism - alter weather [29], bind Mythos creature4 [38], body warping of Gorgoroth [25], call/dismiss Mythos deity1 [38], cause disease [33], command dhole [25], contact Mythos creature2 [29], contact Mythos deity3 [38], create Gate [35], create window [33], curse of the stone [29], dread curse of Azathoth [33], enchant item5 [38], enthrall victim [34], fist of Yog-Sothoth [38], grasp of Cthulhu [38], mind exchange [35], perfection [29], power drain [38], reach [38], spectral razor [38], summon Mythos creature4 [38], view Gate [29], Voorish sign [38], wave of oblivion [33], wrack [29]

1 Azathoth, Cthugha, Daoloth, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, and others undescribed
2 cthonian, deep ones, elder things, flying polyp, formless spawn of Tsathoggua, hound of Tindalos, star-spawn of Cthulhu, and others undescribed
3 Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Nyogtha, Tsathoggua, and others undescribed
4 dark young of Shub-Niggurath, dimensional shambler, fire vampire, hunting horror, servitor of the Outer Gods, and others undescribed
5 knife, pipes, stone tablet, and others undescribed

Psionic Skills

Telepathy [19] - contact [35], suggest [33]

Regeneration: Cthulhu can make a Stamina-regenerate check once per round. On a Marginal result, he recovers 2d4+2 Stun points. On an Ordinary, Good or Amazing result, he recovers 2d4+2 Wound points.

Reintegration: If Cthulhu is reduced to 0 Wound points, he bursts apart into a foul-smelling, greasy green vapour, and reforms in d12+8 minutes with full Wound points once again.

Hideous Grasp: Cthulhu's enormous claws can snatch up or crush multiple smaller creatures at a blow. He can strike or grapple all creatures within the listed area of effect, using a single control die but rerolling a different situation die for each target.
When Cthulhu has grappled a smaller opponent with his claw, he can crush or rend the opponent (doing additional claw damage) or draw the victim to his hidden mouthparts for digestion (damage as for claw, but type is En and is not reduced by morphing) while taking his next action normally. If he grapples opponents with his facial tentacles, he can ingest them in the same way on his next action. Cthulhu can pin and trample opponents with his foot-talons in place of a claw attack.

Morph: In common with all of his kind, Cthulhu's shape is mutable. He can elongate his extremities as if he had Biokinesis-morph, though this ability is not psionic and requires no skill check or power points. He has at least eight different morph forms and the morph control ability as rank benefits.
Cthulhu's morph forms typically make him more efficient in a chosen mode of movement, granting the increased movement rate shown above. If Cthulhu extends the size of his wings and reduces his body density, he can actually fly despite his immense flabby bulk. Morphing to a form specialised in movement reduces the size of Cthulhu's claws, with the result shown under Attacks.
Cthulhu can also elongate one or more of his facial tentacles, allowing him to reach through small openings to attack his prey.

Sanity Loss: Any human who sees great Cthulhu must make a Knowledge-deduce check with a -3 bonus to determine if he can correlate the being's presence with the scraps of myth and race-memory that hint at the reign of the Great Old Ones. On an Ordinary success, the witness must make a horror check with a +3 penalty, and immediately loses one rank in Resolve-mental resolve. On a Good or Amazing success, the witness must make a madness check at +3 penalty and loses three ranks in Resolve-mental resolve.