Uncle Jimbo's End of Time Blues

"All that you see is not all that there is."

Bug Huntin' Home

As an overarching discussion forum for the super-rich to pursue their interests, the Bilderberg Society's yearly meetings inevitably cover a vast range of topics. The actual work of the society is entrusted to an array of sub-committees, working groups, research projects and covert teams, each amply supplied with staff, resources, and discreet private workplaces. The Carrying Capacity Working Group is one of these sub-committees that is well known in certain circles.

Quantitative Growth Working Group
The Bilderberg Society has begun to realise that the Earth's capacity for further exploitation and profit has been reached. Where the Carrying Capacity Working Group analyses the absolute physical limits to growth, the Quantitative Growth group is more concerned with the economic disaster (from their shareholders' point of view) of a world without cheap labour, unclaimed resources and ignorant markets to exploit.
This concern has led these hard-headed businessmen to examine the possibilities of space colonisation by indentured worker populations, and to follow up emerging information on Doorways and other methods of dimensional travel.
The QGG has lent its support to European, Japanese and Australian space ventures, as well as certain schemes of Aum Shinrikyo, in order to secure access to space separately from the US and Soviet space programs, dominated by rival Illuminati. In recent months, however, its clone and abductee-staffed space colonies on the Lunar Farside and Mars have suffered several unexplained accidents.

Labour Relations Working Group
This Northern Italy-based study group of large manufacturers and research CEO's seeks ways to preserve the profits of industry by innovative approaches to the workforce, such as various types of behavioral control, accelerated and subliminal learning, eugenics, cloning, robotics and cybernetics.

Good Governance Project
This arm of the Bilderberg group was recently formed to integrate and focus the various past efforts of the Society to conform the actions of national governments to the interests of international commerce. They build on the notable successes of past years, such as the election of George H. Bush as President of the US, using subliminal advertising, political manipulation, diplomatic pressure through subverted governments, and less-discussed means.