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New FX Skills

Anthropomancy (9SP): This type of FX includes a number of effects, almost all of which require the mutilation or consumption of human victims. It was well known to the Celtic druids, the Aztecs, and the half-mythical Anzique tribe of Central Africa, whence the priest-kings of Great Benin learned several rituals.

Consume Memories
Augur spell (WIL), 4SP, 3FX
By devouring the fresh brain of a victim, the adept may use all memories and skill ranks which the victim possessed for a 24-hour period. If the caster sacrifices 3 FX points permanently from his pool, he can absorb the victim's memories permanently. Unless thoroughly insane, the caster must make a Horror check at a +2 penalty immediately after performing the ritual.

Enchant Ring of the Anziques
Transform spell (WIL), 3SP, 1FX
This FX spell is not cast, but is used in the creation of the Ring of the Anziques FX item.

Food of Life
Transform spell (WIL), 3SP, 3FX
The adept prepares a cannibalistic feast that can magically extend the life of the one who partakes of it. For every 10 DUR of flesh eaten, the feaster gains an extra year of life. The recipient must make a Horror check at a +2 penalty after eating the Food of Life.

Mind-Destroying Sauce (Bak Bon Dzshow)
Transform spell (WIL), 3SP, 1FX
This ethnic specialty of the Tcho-Tcho culture is a delicious sauce, served warm, spread over vegetables. It is prepared from exotic tubers and spices, combined with well-pounded human ganglia. The sauce has a rich creamy taste, something like artichoke, with a zesty peppery aftertaste.
The Bak Bon Dzshow must be prepared at night. The adept spends 30 minutes pounding dissected human nerves to the proper consistency while chanting an unchanging mantra (1 FX Point cost). This causes the caster (except for wholly degenerate cultists) to make a Horror check at a +1 penalty, and makes sufficient sauce to feed up to 4 adults.
Those who eat any of the sauce experience vivid dreams of pointy-toothed cannibals scoffing down human entrails. Each must make a Resolve-mental resolvecheck the following morning or become Obsessed (as the Flaw, but provides no skill points). With successive meals, the eater's growing obsession shifts from utter revulsion to morbid curiosity, then an unholy urge to join the savages at their feast.

FX Items

Ring of the Anziques (12SP, 3FX permanently)
The ring must be made from human bone cut from a living victim (Horror check at +1 for those who participate in the ritual).
As long as the ring is worn, its magic absorbs d6 points plus the wearer's WIL resistance modifier from all LI and HI attacks on the wearer, and from falling damage. Unlike armour, the ring's protection is applied before secondary damage is calculated. If combined with armour, the ring's protection is applied to both primary and secondary damage after reducing the primary damage by an armour roll. The ring does not protect against En attacks, drowning, poison or other hazards.

The ring strikes the wearer with intense cannibalistic urges. Each day, or each time the ring is put on, the wearer must make a WIL feat check at a +6 penalty, or seek to fulfil the anthropophagic urge as soon as possible (Horror check at +2 penalty after such an act).

Occult Tomes

Regnum Congo
1952, German, from original by Filippo Pigafetta (1591), revised by Reinhard Galt
This slim typed folio, illustrated with copies of many detailed woodcuts, relates Pigafetta's findings concerning cannibalistic practices in Central Africa.
Study: Simple skill check in Knowledge-German language requires one month of study.
Skim: Simple skill check in Knowledge-German language requires 4 hours of study.
When completed, reader must immediately make an Awareness-intuition check at a 1 bonus. On a Good or Amazing success, reader notices and connects certain details in the text and engravings, and must make a Horror check at a +1 penalty.
Reader must make a Knowledge-deduce check at 1 bonus when increasing ranks in Knowledge-deduce, Lore-Cthulhu Mythos or Lore-occult lore, or check at 3 bonus when witnessing cannibalistic rituals. On a Good or Amazing success, reader must make a Horror check at a +1 penalty.
Reader may purchase the broad skill Anthropomancy at list price 1.
Reader may continue study of the document to learn the Anthropomancy-food of life spell. This requires a complex INT feat check, 3 successes, 1 check per month of full-time study. When completed, reader may gain one rank in the spell at list price 1.