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Stardrive for Warships

The statistics for the stardrive in Warships include a brief rule to increase a ship's maximum starfall distance by supplying extra power. Unfortunately, the published rule extends the possible distance for large vessels (such as the example given) and restricts the distance possible to small craft inconsistently with previous material in the Gamemaster's Guide and Star*Drive Campaign Setting.

After comparing test cases for some possible alternative rules against these sources (see the discussion on AlternityRPG.Net ), all things considered, I suggest a GM could achieve the best match to earlier canon by extending the Warships table for stardrive performance (page 66) with an extra column as follows:

Class Base Starfall Extended Starfall
Small 5 LY +1 LY / 5 Power
Light 10 LY +1 LY / 10 Power
Medium 20 LY +1 LY / 20 Power
Heavy 30 LY +1 LY / 75 Power
Super-Heavy 50 LY +1 LY / 750 Power

Navigation-drivespace astrogation

Plotting a course for a stardrive-equipped ship takes d4 x 10 minutes. Ignore the modifier for taking more than the standard amount of time, but adjust the total modifier for the check by -2 steps.