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The Chronicles of Riddick

The universe is mostly PL 6. I'd call the FTL system early PL 7, since it obviously still has some drawbacks that require the crew to be drugged for travel.

The Necromongers have higher technology due to their insight into Underverse. Looks like the Gravitic and Antimatter tech tracks at mid-PL 7. Their ranged weapons look like mass pistols to me.

The Riddick universe could have a mixed level of FX. Talents start with a pool of 3 FX Points, and Adepts have a pool of 5 FX Points, but the cost to gain extra FX points, and the general abundance of supernatural powers, is as for a Heroic FX campaign. Also, see below.

Necromonger FX 8SP (but see below)
Converts to the Necromonger faith gain a weird insight into the properties of spacetime, life and death that can manifest itself in strange powers.

Hammer WIL 3SP 1FX
The Necromonger moves her limbs with impossible speed and momentum, giving her superhuman force in hand-to-hand combat. For the moment of one attack, the Necromonger's Strength modifier increases to +5. This can be applied either as a damage bonus to the Necromonger's non-powered melee attack or as a resistance modifier against an enemy's melee attack. This takes no time, does not count as an action, and in the case of a resistance modifier increase, the Necromonger can instantly apply it when her opponent makes a melee attack against her.

Not There INT 3SP 2FX
The Necromonger instantly shifts her position in space, causing one attack to miss. She chooses to attempt this power when her opponent makes an attack on her.

Swift Advance INT 3SP Variable FX
The Necromonger crosses space in an instant to surprise an opponent with her position of attack. Using this ability is the equivalent of a Walk move, but the Necromonger travels 6m for each FX point she spends. She does not have to move in a straight line. She may make a melee attack immediately, and gains a bonus on her attack (-1 Ordinary, -2 Good or -3 Amazing) due to catching her opponent off guard.

Soul Rip WIL 5SP 3FX
The Necromonger drains the life force from an opponent that she has pinned. This ability takes two consecutive actions to complete. On the first action, the Necromonger makes her FX skill check to take hold of the victim's soul. On the second action, the victim must make a Resolve-mental resolve check of the same or better grade of success than the Necromonger's check, or his lifeforce is dragged forth, killing him instantly. If the victim succeeds on his Resolve check, the FX ability is disrupted and he immediately breaks the Necromonger's hold.

Mind Regression
This is the agonising process of transformation that all Necromonger converts undergo. Over several days, the convert's mind is reshaped into a more pure and effective form. This is reflected in game terms by sacrificing PER and non-essential skills in exchange for abilities that will better serve the Necromonger faith.

The convert loses 1 PER and gains the Necromonger FX broad skill.

She may choose to give up additional points of PER to gain an additional broad skill for each point lost. She must purchase the Resolve broad skill if she does not already have it, and may also purchase the Armour Operation, Melee Weapons, Unarmed Attack or Creativity broad skills.

She may choose to give up any specialty skill that she has at rank 1, in return for 2 ranks in a specialty skill under the listed broad skills.

Holy Half-Dead 10SP
This is a special FX Perk that can only be gained by a Necromonger convert, through a mysterious process of pilgrimage to behold for a moment the edge of the Underverse. It's unrevealed whether the pilgrimage requires travel to remote regions of space, or simply into the depths of the pilgrim's own soul, but in any case it requires the resources of the whole Necromonger nation simply to grant one individual a momentary glimpse of the universe beyond.

The Holy Half-Dead may choose to change her Profession to Adept. If she does so, her FX Point pool increases by 2 points. Her existing skill ranks do not change. She loses the benefits of her former profession and gains those of the Adept.

The Holy Half-Dead regains 3 FX Points at the beginning of every round, up to the normal total of her FX Point pool. If the Holy Half-Dead has other FX broad skills besides Necromonger FX, points spent on those other skills are not regenerated by this Perk but only in the normal fashion.


Ordinary SCM: Necromonger Rank and File
This Combat Spec is an Ordinary human Labourer who has undergone mind regression, gaining all of the skills available to her except Creativity.
STR 11
DEX 10
CON 11
WIL 10
Action Check: 13+/12/6/3
FX Points: 3
Skills: Armour Operation- combat 4 , Athletics, Melee Weapons- blade 3*, bludgeon , Unarmed Attack- brawl 3 , Stamina- endurance 2 , Vehicle Operation, Knowledge- specific language 3 , Awareness, Resolve, Street Smart, Interaction, Necromonger FX
Equipment: Partial plate armour, helm, battleaxe, combat knife
* Combat Spec bonus