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Profession Requirements: Ability Scores

Any Adept must begin play with a minimum CON of 9 and WIL of 9, since training to wield superhuman powers is taxing to the body and mind. Many FX traditions teach healthful and calming exercises to aid in maintaining the required equilibrium.

An Arcanist or a Believer must also have either an INT, WIL or PER score of 11. A Super Hero must have a score of 13 in any one ability score before applying any FX powers.

Special Benefits

  • Action Check Score Increase: Unchanged
  • Skill Cost Reduction: Unchanged
  • Secondary Profession: Delete "This secondary profession also determines all other aspects of the hero".
  • Notes: Unchanged

Adept Careers

Only the Firebug and Tinkerer are actually Adepts. The other careers in this section are better suited to FX Talents.


The achievements listed in the Player's Handbook have a cost and required level for an Adept as for his Secondary Profession. Increasing the Adept's FX pool works as described in Beyond Science. FX Perks can be bought as achievement benefits:


FX Talent

FX Mastery

4 / 4 th

6 / 6th


4 / 3 rd

4 / 4th

FX Flaws can be bought off as other flaws can, for double the skill point benefit that the Flaw granted, at a minimum of 6th level.

Money On Hand

An Adept who moves in the circles of a Diplomat has more interest in supernatural powers than in the petty acquisition of wealth. On the other hand, those Adepts who arise from a humble background gain respect and fortune beyond what they might expect due to their special nature. An Adept begins play with $5d8 x 10 to spend. This can be altered by the Filthy Rich perk or Dirt Poor flaw as normal.

Random Ability Scores By Profession

For this variant, use the column for the Adept's Secondary Profession.

Social Status