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Age of Legend Setting

Age of Legend: Vortigern (Britain 450 AD)


Each nationality gives the starting character's free languages, typical religions, typical classes, and Roman Citizenship.

Sub-Roman British (Latin and Brittonic; Orthodox, Arian, Druidic or Roman; any class; Citizen)
Gallo-Roman (Latin and either Brittonic or German; Orthodox, Arian or Roman; C/F/P/R/M/I/T/A/B; Citizen)
Visigoth (Latin, German and Gothic; Orthodox, Arian or German; C/F/R/T/A/B; Federate)
Frankish (Latin and German; Orthodox, Arian, German or Roman; C/F/P/R/T/A/B; Federate)
Saxon (Latin and German; Arian or German; C/F/T/A; Lower/Middle rank; Barbarian)
Pictish (Latin and Pictish; Orthodox or Druidic; D/F/R/M/I/T/A; Barbarian)
Irish (Latin and Gaelic; Orthodox or Druidic; C/D/F/R/M/I/T/A/B; Barbarian)
Galloway/Isles (Latin and two of: Gaelic, Brittonic, Pictish, Danish; Arian, Druidic or Danish; C/D/F/R/M/I/T/A; Lower/Middle rank; Barbarian)

Starting human players of other nationalities may only be Middle rank and must spend one non-weapon proficiency slot to learn either Latin or Brittonic. 1st level or NPC humans of Galloway/Isles nationality may be encountered in Ireland, but seldom in continental Europe.

Each nonhuman race gives a starting character's free languages, typical classes, typical religion, and Court Allegiance.

Elf (faerie) (elven (faerie), elven (small folk), Latin, either Brittonic or Gaelic, gnomish, halfling, brownie, sprite, two of: goblin, orcish, hobgoblin, gnoll; C/F/P/R/M/I/T/A/B; Druidic; Seelie/Unseelie Court)
Elf (small folk) (elven (small folk), Latin, one of Brittonic, Gaelic or Pictish, dwarven (firbolg), pixie, Fomorian giant; D/F/R/M/I/T/A/B; Druidic; Solitary/Unseelie Court)
Elf (alfar) (elven (alfar), elven (faerie), Latin, Danish, dwarven (dvergar), halfling, sprite, kobold, goblin; typical classes; Danish; Middle rank; Solitary)
Dwarf (firbolg) (dwarven (firbolg), Latin, Brittonic, elven (small folk), gnomish, Fomorian giant; C/F/T/A; Druidic; Lower/Middle rank; Seelie Court/Solitary)
Dwarf (dvergar) (dwarven (dvergar), gnomish, Latin, German, elven (alfar), kobold; typical classes; Danish; Middle rank; Solitary)
Gnome (gnomish, Latin, elven (faerie), dwarven (firbolg or dvergar), halfling, goblin, burrowing mammals; C/F/I/T/A; elementalist; Seelie Court/Solitary)
Halfling (halfling, Latin, one of Brittonic, German or Gothic, gnomish, elven (faerie), brownie, goblin; any Christian or Roman; F/R/M/T/A; Solitary)
Half-elf (faerie) (human nationality: Sub-Roman British, Gallo-Roman, Visigoth, Frankish, Burgundian, Italian Goth, Venetian, Irish; nonhuman languages & classes as elf (faerie); any)
Half-elf (small folk) (human nationality: Sub-Roman British, Pictish, Irish, Galloway/Isles, Danish; nonhuman languages & classes as elf (small folk); any)
Half-elf (alfar) (human nationality: any German or Goth, Gallo-Roman, Galloway/Isles, Danish; nonhuman languages & classes as elf (alfar); Lower/Middle rank; Solitary/Unseelie Court)


Cleric Orthodox Christian: any rank, Favoured; Arian Christian: any rank, Favoured; Germanic Pagan: Lower/Middle rank, Persecuted; any other: Middle rank, Tolerated.
Druid Middle/Upper rank, Tolerated.
Fighter any rank, Favoured.
Paladin Upper rank, Tolerated.
Ranger any rank, Tolerated.
Magic-user Upper rank, Tolerated.
Illusionist Upper rank, Tolerated.
Thief Lower rank, Persecuted.
Assassin Lower rank, Tolerated.
Bard Middle rank, Favoured.

Starting Equipment

See Age of Legend Setting for general equipment. Each character also has 2-4 items of spare clothing. Characters in Sub-Roman Britain do not start with any coinage, but each character has a decorative silver item worth 2-12 sp (clasp, dagger-hilt decoration, flask or similar).

The Monetary System

Metal ingots, metal plate, salt or barter are the most common forms of payment in Britain. Metal ingots are valued at 5 coins per pound, worked objects 10 coins per pound. Prices are stated in silver denarii (sp), and some actual silver coinage is still available. Roman-period copper asses (cp) are used for common transactions. The Gallo-Roman kingdom mints gold solidi of dubious purity (gp3, gp2) worth either 5 or 10 silver pieces, and it is common practice to test “gold” coins by biting.
10 copper pieces = 1 silver piece
5-20 silver pieces = 1 gold piece
10 silver pieces = 1 pound salt



Banded mail Dwarves only 90sp
Breastplate (AC 7, or add 1 AC up to mail) 40sp
Gauntlets, studded/ringed leather 8sp
Greaves, metal splint 15sp
Helmet, metal cap, or part-metal with cheek guards 2sp
Helmet, metal, nasal and/or cheek guards 10sp
Leather, hardened 5sp
Mail (byrnie, lorica hamata) 75sp
Padded 4sp
Ringed leather 30sp
Scaled leather (AC 6/AC 5 vs. missiles) 45sp
Shield, buckler 5sp
Shield, large 15sp
Shield, large/small, woven sticks (0)
Shield, small 10sp
Shield, small, wooden 1sp
Studded leather 15sp

Helmets: Lose 1AC if not wearing a helmet with armour of studded, ringed or metal-scaled leather, or if wearing a cap or part-metal helmet with mail. Lose 2AC if not wearing any helmet with mail. Provides AC 6 (cap/part-metal) or 4 (metal) protection to head.
Gauntlets: No effect on general AC, but provide AC 6 protection to hands and forearms. Manual Dexterity check penalty: -2.


Arrow, elven long, dozen Elves (faerie) only 1sp
Arrow, short, dozen 1sp
Arrow, silver, single 2sp
Axe, two-handed (as battleaxe) 7sp
Axe, hand 1sp
Axe, throwing (francisca) 2sp
Bow, elven (as composite long bow) Elves (faerie) only 60sp
Bow, elven, short (as composite short bow) Elves (small folk) only 30sp
Bow, short 15sp
Crossbow, hunting (as hand crossbow without sleep poison, ROF 1/round) Pictish only 14sp
Dagger 2sp
Dart, hand 5cp
Flail, horseman's 8sp
Garrotte Assassins only 6cp
Hammer 1sp
Javelin 5cp
Javelin, blunt 2cp
Knife 1sp
Lance (medium) 6sp
Mace, footman's 8sp
Mace, horseman's 4sp
Quarrel, hunting, dozen Pictish only 1sp
Sap 15cp
Scimitar (spatha) 15sp
Sling & six bullets 6cp
Sling bullets, dozen 2cp
Spear, 3' to 7' 1sp
Spear, 8' to 14' 2sp
Staff, quarter (0)
Sword, broad 10sp
Sword, khopesh Druids only 10sp
Sword, long 15sp
Sword, short (gladius, saex) 8sp
Sword, two-handed Elves (faerie) only 90sp
Whip 3sp

Weapon makers are likely to stock these weapons. See “Additional missile weapons” for these weapons: blunt javelin, blunt arrows/quarrels, light crossbow.
Weapons not listed here (eg. polearms) can be commissioned from a master weapon-maker for about 3 times the cost given in the Player's Handbook (reading gp as sp), unless listed below as unknown. Wood-staved longbows can be made by faerie bowyers, or by a human master bowyer with a year's startup time, and in either case cost 300sp.

Unknown Weapons (cannot be learned, purchased or made)

Arquebus etc., bombard
Bec de corbin, bill-guisarme, fauchard-fork, glaive-guisarme, guisarme-voulge, halberd, hook fauchard, Lucern hammer, man-catcher
Crossbow, heavy

Tack and Harness

Barding, full scale 1500sp
Barding, half scale 800sp
Barding, leather 150sp
Barding, studded leather 400sp
Bit and bridle 8cp
Full equipment, cavalry, Roman 9sp
Full equipment, Pictish horseman 6cp
Halter 3cp
Harness, cart 2sp
Hipposandals, iron-soled 1sp
Pad, riding 4sp
Reins, cart etc. 3cp
Saddle bags, large 4sp
Saddle bags, small 3sp
Saddle blanket 3cp
Saddle, pack 3sp
Yoke, horse or ox 3sp

Livestock and Transport

Anchor, boat 20sp
Anchor, ship 50sp
Axle, cart or wagon, repair 20sp
Ballista, naval (2 cubit), total cost to install on river bireme or escort sailer 500sp
Ballista, naval, repair 200sp
Barge and tow-ropes 500sp
Boat, lighter/tug 3000sp
Boat, long 150sp
Boat, small 75sp
Cart 50sp
Chariot, light, war 150sp (100sp Pictish, Irish)
Curragh Irish or Pictish only 500sp
Donkey 8sp
Galley, river, bireme 22000sp
Galley, river, small 8000sp
Horse, light, draught or pack 20sp
Horse, light, riding 25sp
Horse, light, war, riding or chariot 150sp
Horse, medium, war, riding (Pannonian) 330sp
Longship 18000sp
Mule 20sp
Oar, boat 2sp
Oar, galley, first bank 7sp
Pole, barge, 20' 5cp
Pole, chariot, repair 4sp
Pony 15sp
Punt 40sp
Sail, main, large 30sp
Sail, small 20sp
Ship, horse transport, northern 22000sp
Ship, escort, northern (2-master with sterncastle) 35000sp
Ship, merchant, northern 6000sp
Ship, scout, northern 8000sp
Ship, transport, northern (2-master) 20000sp
Ship repair, fire, 10' x 10' on one deck 1000sp
Ship repair, hull damage, waterline 1000sp
Ship repair, replace mast 500sp
Ship repair, spar/rigging damage, per mast 100sp
Ship repair, steering oar 300sp
Wagon 150sp
Wheel, cart/chariot/wagon, repair 5sp

Unknown Livestock (cannot be purchased)

Horse, heavy; camel; elephant

Siege Engines and Supplies: see Siege Supplies


Weapons listed as elven (elven bow, two-handed sword) can only be learned by humans if they are fighters of Irish or Pictish nationality and pagan religion, or by elves of any nationality. The garrotte can only be learned by assassins. The khopesh can only be learned by druids. The hunting crossbow can be learned by fighters, thieves or assassins of Pictish nationality.