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Paladin of Supreme Order

The paladin of supreme order's highest goal, beyond national allegiance or moral dilemmas, is to strive for a world of perfect harmony, cooperation and agreement between all people for the common benefit. Those who oppose such a union must be crushed without mercy.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the paladin of supreme order.

  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Paladins of supreme order are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all types of armor (heavy, medium, and light), and with shields (except tower shields).
  • Aura of Law (Ex): The power of a paladin of supreme order’s aura of law (see the detect law spell) is equal to her paladin of supreme order level.
  • Detect Chaos (Sp) : At will, a paladin of supreme order can use detect chaos, as the spell.
  • Smite Chaos (Su): Once per day, a paladin of supreme order may attempt to smite chaos with one normal melee attack. She adds her Charisma bonus (if any) to her attack roll and deals 1 extra point of damage per paladin od supreme order level. If the paladin of supreme order accidentally smites a creature that is not chaotic, the smite has no effect, but the ability is still used up for that day.
    At 5th level, and at every five levels thereafter, the paladin of supreme order may smite chaos one additional time per day, as indicated on Table: The Paladin, to a maximum of five times per day at 20th level.
  • Divine Grace (Su): At 2nd level, a paladin of supreme order gains a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws.
  • Deadly Touch (Su): Beginning at 2nd level, a paladin of supreme order can cause wounds with a successful touch attack . Each day she can deal a total number of hit points of damage equal to her paladin level x her Charisma bonus. An opponent subjected to this attack can make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 paladin level + paladin's Cha modifier) to halve the damage dealt.
  • Aura of Courage (Su): Beginning at 3rd level, a paladin of supreme order is immune to fear (magical or otherwise). Each ally within 10 feet of her gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects.
    This ability functions while the paladin of supreme order is conscious, but not if she is unconscious or dead.
  • Divine Health (Su): At 3rd level, a paladin of supreme order gains immunity to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases.
  • Rebuke Undead (Su): A paladin of supreme order rebukes undead rather than turning undead.
  • Spells: Beginning at 4th level, a paladin of supreme order gains the ability to cast a small number of divine spells as a paladin does, which are drawn from the following list: 1st level - bane, bless, calm emotions, cure light wounds, detect poison, detect undead, divine favor, endure elements, gentle repose, inflict light wounds, magic weapon, protection from chaos, read magic, resistance, virtue, weapon of law; 2nd level - bull's strength, darkness, delay poison, eagle's splendor, hold person, lesser restoration, magic circle against chaos, owl's wisdom, remove paralysis, resist energy, undetectable alignment, zone of truth; 3rd level - blindness/deafness, cure moderate wounds, daylight, discern lies, dispel magic, greater magic weapon, inflict moderate wounds, order's wrath, prayer, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse; 4th level - axiomatic sword, break enchantment, cure serious wounds, death ward, dispel chaos, dominate person, hold monster, inflict serious wounds, locate object, mark of justice, neutralize poison, restoration.
  • Enhanced Leadership: A 6th level paladin of supreme order receives the Leadership feat for free. A paladin of supreme order who has the Leadership feat (as a result of her paladin of supreme order class or otherwise) gains a +1 bonus to her Leadership score. If the paladin's Leadership score is 25 or above, use the following values in place of those given in core rulebook II:
Leadership Score Cohort Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
25 17th 135 13 6 4 2 2
26+ 17th 150 15 7 4 3 2


  • Bestow Curse (Sp): A paladin of supreme order can apply a debilitating curse, as the bestow curse spell, as many times per week as a paladin would be able to remove disease.
  • Code of Conduct: A paladin of supreme order must be of lawful neutral alignment and loses all class abilities if she ever willingly commits a chaotic act.
    Additionally, a paladin of supreme order’s code requires that she respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, not using poison, and so forth), uphold the customs and traditions that hold wherever she may be (provided that such principles are rational and sustainable in present circumstances), and punish those who shirk their responsibilities or harm the social order for personal gain.
  • Associates: A paladin of supreme order must never knowingly associate with chaotic characters and only accept followers or cohorts who are lawful neutral.

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