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Tack and Harness
Common and Uncommon Tack and Harness

Barding, full scale 1500sp (1000sp Eastern, Persian)
Barding, half scale 800sp (500sp Eastern, Persian)
Barding, leather 150sp
Barding, studded leather or horn-scale 400sp
Bit and bridle 8cp
Full equipment, cavalry, Roman 9sp
Full equipment, Pictish/North African horseman 6cp
Full equipment, steppe horseman 20sp (15sp Steppe peoples, Persia)
Halter 3cp
Harness, cart 2sp
Hipposandals, iron-soled 1sp
Horseshoes and shoeing Eastern only 1sp
Pad, riding 4sp
Reins, cart etc 3cp
Saddle bags, large 4sp
Saddle bags, small 3sp
Saddle blanket 3cp
Saddle, pack 3sp
Saddle, riding, full 15sp (10sp Steppe peoples)
Yoke, horse or ox 3sp

Rare Tack and Harness

Ankle bands, metal, elephant 900sp (320sp India, Persia)
Barding, full, scale, with trunk armour, elephant 15000sp (7000sp India)
Barding, side, leather, elephant 1500sp (500sp India, Persia, Ethiopia)
Barding, side, scale, with chanfron, elephant 6000sp (2000sp India)
Harness, camel 6sp (2sp India, Central Asia, Egypt, North Africa)
Harness, elephant 60sp (20sp India)
Howdah, open, 3-man 200sp (70sp India, Persia)
Saddle cloth, elephant 3sp (1sp India, Ethiopia)
Saddle, pack, camel 15sp (5sp India, Central Asia, Persia, Arabia, North Africa)
Saddle, riding, camel, low 35sp (12sp India, Central Asia, Persia, Arabia, North Africa)
Saddle, riding, camel, war 60sp (20sp Central Asia, Arabia)
Saddle, riding, camel, double 50sp (20sp India, Arabia)
Saddle, riding, camel, enclosed 60sp (25sp Arabia, North Africa)
Strap, riding, elephant 5sp (2sp India, Persia, Ethiopia)
Tusk caps, iron or brass, elephant 10sp (4sp India, Persia)
Yoke, elephant 75sp (25sp India)

Unknown Tack and Harness (cannot be purchased or made)

Barding, plate
Stirrups (except far eastern steppe peoples)

Livestock and Transport
Common Riding Animals & Transport

Anchor, boat 20sp
Anchor, ship 50sp
Axle, cart or wagon, repair 20sp
Ballista, naval (2 cubit), total cost to install on bireme or escort sailer 500sp (200sp Eastern)
Ballista, naval, repair 200sp (80sp Eastern)
Barge and tow-ropes 500sp
Boat, lighter/tug 3000sp
Boat, long 150sp
Boat, river, large 10000sp
Boat, small 75sp
Cart 50sp
Chariot, racing 300sp (200sp Eastern)
Curragh Irish or Pictish only 500sp
Donkey 8sp
Galley, Liburnian (cataphract bireme) 45000sp (30000sp Adriatic coasts)
Galley, flagship (2 banks, 2-3 oarsmen upper bank) Eastern or Italian Goth only 45000sp
Galley, small 10000sp
Galley, river, bireme 22000sp (15000sp Eastern, Ostrogoth)
Galley, river, small 8000sp
Horse, light, draught or pack 20sp
Horse, light, riding 25sp
Horse, light, war, riding or chariot 150sp
Horse, medium, war, riding 225sp
Horse, quality, riding or chariot 90sp
Longship 18000sp (12000sp Danish)
Mule 20sp
Oar, boat 2sp
Oar, galley, first bank 7sp
Oar, galley, upper bank 12sp
Pole, barge, 20' 5cp
Pole, chariot, repair 4sp
Pony 15sp
Punt 40sp
Sail, main, large 30sp
Sail, small 20sp
Ship, horse transport, Mediterranean 18000sp
Ship, horse transport, northern 35000sp (22000sp Visigoth, British, Gallo-Roman)
Ship, escort, northern (2-master with sterncastle) 35000sp
Ship, merchant or transport, Mediterranean, 2-master 15000sp
Ship, merchant, Mediterranean, small 5000sp
Ship, merchant, northern 6000sp
Ship, scout, northern 12000sp (8000sp Visigoth, British, Gallo-Roman)
Ship, transport, northern (2-master) 30000sp (20000sp Visigoth, British, Gallo-Roman)
Ship repair, fire, 10' x 10' on one deck 1000sp
Ship repair, hull damage, waterline 1000sp
Ship repair, replace mast 500sp
Ship repair, spar/rigging damage, per mast 100sp
Ship repair, steering oar 300sp
Wagon 150sp
Wheel, cart/chariot/wagon, repair 5sp

Rare Riding Animals & Transport

Camel, Bactrian, riding 455sp (65sp Crimean Goths, Central Asia)
Camel, Parthian, pack 280sp (40sp Persia, Central Asia)
Camel, Parthian, riding 840sp (120sp Central Asia)
Chariot, light, war 300sp (100sp Pictish, Irish)
Chariot, heavy, war 600sp (300sp Indian)
Dromedary, pack 125sp (25sp Arabia, North Africa, India)
Dromedary, riding, large 540sp (80sp Arabia, North Africa, India)
Dromedary, riding, small 420sp (60sp Arabia, North Africa)
Dromedary, work, delta 210sp (35sp Egypt, Mauretania, India)
Elephant, African, war 2000sp (200sp Ethiopia)
Elephant, draught 1000sp (100sp India)
Elephant, Indian, war 2500sp (250sp India, Persia)

Unknown Livestock (cannot be purchased)

Dromedary, mountain
Horse, heavy